Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Job...

One of the reasons a lot of guys become bouncers or doormen is for the pay. Some places can pay pretty well. Usually by the time you make the good money, your not doing the main amount of work. Your not dealing with the assholes and your telling other people to take care of the problems.

Some places pay cash on a nightly basis. This is great for the guys that are hiding out from having to pay child support or are paying the child support from their day job and just need extra cash. It usually ends up being more money in your pocket since taxes aren't taken out.

Most places think of doormen as just plain bouncers. They hire you for what ever reason. Maybe it's because they know you can handle your own. Maybe you worked somewhere else. Maybe they've heard about your reputation or maybe it's because your a friend of a friend. What ever reason they hire you for doesn't really matter. If they don't like you or your not keeping your end of the deal they'll get rid of you. Why? Because bouncers are a dime a dozen.

They'll keep you around if your on top of your game and you don't cause any problems. Just remember, your easily replaceable.

Most pay rates in this area are pretty fair. It always depends on the type of place you work at, how busy they are and whether the boss thinks your worth it. If it's a really busy place then you should be making at least 10 or 12 an hour. If it's not a busy place and more like a neighborhood bar then be happy if you get 10 an hour. If you get more than minimum wage be happy too.

If you have a death wish and decide to work in a shitty dance club in the bad part of town, then I would say do it for 15 an hour and benefits. The shitty dance clubs usually have hip hop an house music running at full speed. They also usually have the whole place filled with gang bangers and 9mm's. There's no reason to work at a place like that unless your carrying a 9 as well. Someone shoots at me I want to be able to return the favor.

Benefits are definitely something that you won't get in this industry. Your not going to get life, health or dental insurance while being a full time doorman. Not until you hit the managerial level and even then you'll be lucky if you do. While the owners see fit to give managers these benefits they'll try to explain to you that it's too expensive to add a doorman on to it. Something about being a high risk.

If your really lucky you might make contacts with some doctors, dentists and lawyers. Then if you do them enough favors they might just be able to return the favors down the road. Which is what this job is partially about. Everyone knows bouncers don't make a lot of money and deal with a shitload of stress on a daily basis. They want to try and help you out so you'll help them out. Sometimes this turns into more of a pain than anything.

All of this depends on where you live. There are some areas that make you get a license to even work as security at a club. These places I have no idea about. I don't know how they work or even why it works that way. Maybe it's better for the employee that way or maybe it's just so the club has a better idea of who they're hiring. Either way that's how it is.

Like every other job, it takes the right person to succeed at it. If you actually do the job right and your not a slack ass, then you'll figure out if it's the right job for you. You'll know if it's something you want to do after that first person takes a swing at you or the millionth person to argue with you.

Then again, life might come at you and you need more money, stability, or help in some way. Then you might just forget everything and go back to the jobs that have more hours and pay.

It's not a job that you get just to be the popular guy in town. If that's what your looking for then this isn't the job for you.

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