Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Don't Tread

We had a fairly busy metal night at the venue. These nights usually start with rejecting many underage kids and keeping a few fake Ids at the door. Honestly, we don't care if it's your sisters ID or your brothers. They can get them back from which ever state they are issued from.

That's right kids, even if it's real but not you we take them away. I'm sure we've made some mistakes somewhere along the line but if you look that much different than your ID then you need to get a new one anyways.

The night went fairly well. There weren't a lot of trouble makers in the crowd. The night went by pretty good. Then came the second to last band out of the five. They've played the venue a few times and each time theres a pit.

For anyone who might read this and isn't into the metal scene or has no idea what a pit is here we go. There are a lot of different pits that could really happen but the most common is the norm. Basically, it's just a lot of shoving and throwing people into other people. This is a pretty tame pit. We don't get the hardcore slam pits like we used to after last year and we were throwing out 15 to 20 people a night.

I took my normal position on the outskirts of the crowd when the band started just to see if anything might happen. Nothing exciting was happening at the time so I walked back to the front and asked another person to watch the door downstairs while I was upstairs.

As I walked back up to the crowd I noticed one of my guys had a pretty good hold on a man in the pit area. At this time my man was giving him the one warning statement. It was about then that another man jumped up and elbowed my guy in the back and jumped away hiding behind some people. Startled, my guy looked around but didn't see the guy that did it.

I then walked up behind the man and firmly placed my hand on the back of his neck. This guy was probly about 6'5" and somewhere around 220 pounds or more. He turned to see me and was about to start the normal bullshit of "What I didn't do anything" when I just turned my flashlight on in his eyes and wrapped my arm around him and walked him to the side of the room towards the door.

Once he figured out what was going on he started to put up a little more of a fight.

guy - "Man, whats your problem? I was just having a little fun!"
me - "No one has fun at our expense. You wanna try to make a joke out of us? Lets do it outside."
guy - "Fine with me bitch, I'll kick your ass!!"

With that he walked outside, I smiled, waved good bye and closed the door on him.

As I walked back towards the front of the stage I just laughed to myself. Some people really fall for that. I then took my position again in the middle of the pit where nothing happened the rest of the night. Sometimes you just have to make an example out of one person and the rest fall into place.

Part of me kinda misses the nights we had last summer. We were actually throwing out about 10 to 15 people at every metal show. I think the record is 26 people in one night. I would even carry two people out at a time. I guess the word spread pretty quick or people just started noticing how big our staff was physically at that time.

Of course not all the people were for moshing. They were also for smoking pot, doing drugs in the bathrooms, or people screwing all over the place. Even had a couple once that thought they'd be hidden enough behind the cigarrette machine. I guess dude forgot he'd have to be standing up.

Some people have offered bribes to get to stay in and one even offered his girlfriend. Any woman that would go along with that I wouldn't want anyways.

So make sure your IDs look real and don't try to go after a security guy in the pit. If there's one in there you know there's another.

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