Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fake ID V: They're Crafty...

I get a lot of fake i.d.'s. Some of them are really good quality, some of them aren't. But no matter what they're always missing something. Whether it's UV ink, a hologram or a signature, they're missing something.

For instance. I've received a lot of fakes from Kentucky lately. They're missing the UV ink and they're usually pressed paper. Pressed paper is just that, it's two pieces of heavier stock paper pressed together to make it feel like a real i.d. It can be pulled apart after a little wear and tear. It's a dead give away.

A lot of these kids put their real name and information on these fakes. I've even taken away i.d.'s from kids that put their real address on them. It's a no brainer when you look at a Kentucky i.d. and they have a Michigan address. People are that stupid.

It's rare anymore that people argue about getting it back. I guess after a few years the reputation of the doormen proceeds them. Word gets around that a certain place won't give back the i.d.'s so people quit trying to go there. Which can be good and it can be bad.

I would say that any popular club has a few underage kids in it. Some doormen don't card people if they're with certain patrons. Some will let you in if you have that certain look. Others will let you in if the picture looks enough like you and the age is good. Which is why so many kids still get fake i.d.'s.

I've even taken an i.d. away from a girl that walked up with a doorman from another bar. He said she was good but I carded her because I didn't know her. Turns out she had a fake and was in his bar all night. The picture looked like her, the age was right but there was no UV ink on the license. I asked for a second proof and, even though she had plenty of cards in her wallet, she didn't have anything with her name on it. So I kept it. The doorman from the other bar apologized and said that they don't use UV lights on i.d.'s so he didn't know. Understandable.

In a situation like that, now he has to wonder about her friends. Are they legit? Do they all have fakes? He said her friends all had the same kind of i.d.'s. I suggested he get a UV light. He said he'd have to talk to the manager about it. So he's not too worried about it. He more than likely knew she was underage.

This has happened a few times. Regulars walking up with friends thinking they'll get everyone in without having to show i.d.'s. That only works for you, not your whole clan. If I don't know them, they better have i.d.'s.

I take the job more serious than others. If you don't want me to, then pay me even more money. I can forget a lot of things when the moneys right. Things can be cleared up that way too.

But until the day comes when I'm paid to let in the "right" people I'm still the same old me. The asshole.

Monday, April 28, 2008


At a certain point any job gets to be painful. You wonder how much longer you can do it. You think about what else you could be doing. You just plainly get tired of doing the same thing over and over. How many times do you have to tell the same people the same things. This job is like that.

The only way to really keep the job fresh is to either change jobs or change venues. It does tend to prove difficult when your the head man. The pay is good and there aren't many venues that will match your pay. After all, you become the new guy all over again. No venue wants to pay the new guy close to what the head man makes.

So every night becomes a repetitive cycle. You go through the checklist before leaving for work. Vest. check. Flashlight. check. Phone. check. Keys. check. Tazer... I wish.

Then you get to work. You do a quick walk through and take inventory of the people already there. Get a good visual and check any suspicious people for i.d.'s or anything else.

Then the night begins. Standing at post and reminding the same people through out the night to step down the sidewalk to enjoy their cigarettes. That they can't take their drinks outside. To keep the noise down because our neighbors are trying to sleep.

Then refusing entrance to inebriated people that walk up. Explaining that they were stumbling around or just too drunk to come in. Expecting a fight or argument with every refusal.

On some nights I'm the angry father figure. I have to remind kids that banging beer bottles on top of each other is something they can do at home and not here. Telling them to keep the noise down and to quit annoying me.

Most nights I get an offering or two. Either monetarily or physical. Money I will accept. Why? Because no matter how much you give me, I'll still throw you out within minutes if you need to be. Physical offerings normally go in one ear and out the other. Your wasted and I'm sober, it's just not a good idea on my part.

Then comes the end of the night. The lights are on, the music is off and I'm yelling for you to leave. Your looking at me like I'm being rude for interrupting your conversation. I'm looking at you like an asshole because your not leaving yet. Believe it or not, I want to leave because I have to be here the following night and do it all over again. Soberly.

Finally get all the people out and all the duties are done. The waitresses are put into cabs or cars and everything is done for the night. Then the walk to my car through the alley and down the streets. Morning is here and it's time for bed.

I like to think that tomorrow is a different day. In reality it's about the same as all the rest. It changes occasionally but not enough. It's usually the same people at the same times. Which isn't always bad. It's good to see familiar faces but those faces are usually wasted every time they're seen.

I've been wondering a lot lately. What it would be like to have that office job again. It'd probably be just as boring after a time. I've always had that travel bug but it's never bitten hard enough.

Change would be nice. Either in job terms or positions.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Confidant Reversal...

One of the many things that I don't like to see is people changing for the worse. I see a lot of things happen from my view point. I see good people go bad and bad people get even worse. It's a land of misconceptions and aphrodisiacs.

I've seen the complacent stoner guy turn into the easily agitated coke head. I've seen the pretty girl turn into the drunk whore. I've seen the typical girl from down the street turn into the hooker on the corner turning tricks to pay rent. Seeing all this doesn't bother me at all until it's someone I know. Then I get upset.

All these people have their reasons for becoming what they become. Usually it's due to financial issues or they need a higher high, selfish reasons mostly. They think they need something that has never been a necessity before.

When a friend of mine changes in the matter of a couple months it's something I feel I need to bring to their attention. I'm not the most gentle person when it comes to this so it usually ends up badly. They start going off about how I'm jealous they're having more fun, or that I'm just not happy because they're happy. Which usually comes to a rebuttal of "No, your fucking yourself up and I don't want to see it anymore."

It's at that point that they make the decision for me as to what I do. If they listen and understand and want help, then I'll help them. If they're too far in and tell me to go to hell, then I forget about them. After a person is far enough into their dreamland there's not much you can do. Unless you want to kidnap them and lock them away in some house in the middle of nowhere. Which isn't worth my time.

But when I see someone change everything about themselves just to fit in with their significant other it just baffles me. When this person decides to start drinking and start doing drugs just so they can fit in with their mate I wonder what's really wrong. I'm sure there's some deep rooted abandonment issues from their childhood that is making them think wrong. At least I hope it's something like that instead of something else.

My super size imagination sometimes gets the better of me. Stories I've heard of how prostitutes are made tend to mix in with this situation. How pimps secretly get girls hooked on drugs, take away their identification and then move them to a place where the girls don't know anyone. I've heard of girls that have gone to guys houses and things get slipped into their drinks. Then they go back to see that guy because they associate him with that feeling. Then the addiction sets in.

Of course this is a lot of my imagination running free. I highly doubt any of this pertains to my friend. I'll find out soon. The time for the talk is close to hand and I'm not looking forward to it. Funny how I can tell a complete stranger that they smell too bad to enter or they're too wasted to get in. Yet, when it comes to talking to a friend, it's a complete different story.

Be safe.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Humor needed..

I've been pretty bored recently and decided that a little humor was needed to lighten up my mood.

So I headed over to LoLcats. I've always been an animal person and some of these captions are pretty good. I decided to post a few of them up here.


see more crazy cat pics

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Training keeps a rolling...

With the pending outcome of On The Outs I decided to bring on a new front doorman. He's a rather big looking guy with a bit of a punk look to him. He'll fit in well with a lot of the clientele.

Since there hasn't been any word I decided to take the action to fill my position if needed. If not needed then people can be moved around or let go. I know, it's a very dick headed move but in life you have to do this once in a while to make your point.

Training has gone pretty well so far. His only failing points are that he's a little too compassionate and he continuously uses the words "Please" and "Sorry". Not that those words are to be never used but they have a time and place. In this position there are very few times and places for them to be used. In fact, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I've used the word "Sorry".

One night, during training, I let Marcus run the door as I stood off to the side and watched. As I stood there I noticed a man walk up that I had had a few problems with on a different night. This guy thinks his shit doesn't stink. As he walked closer I stepped closer to the door. It was a perfect opportunity to show the new blood how to get the respect we deserve.

As the man walked up Marcus asked for his i.d. The man pulled the door to the establishment open and propped it open with his foot and then handed his i.d. to Marcus. Marcus then asked him to close the door as he looked at the i.d. The man just stood there.

"Hey man, I need you to close the door please."

In one move the man reached for his i.d., stepped into the establishment and said, "Yea, ok."

Marcus pulled the i.d. back and said, "No man, seriously. I need you to step out and close the door."

"Fuck off, what's this about?"

I then stepped in and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the doorway. The man was startled and turned towards me, "The fuck's your problem?"


"Well, that's too bad huh?" Then, either he realized who he was talking to or he realized that there were two of us. And before he could utter another word I told him to take off. I grabbed his i.d. from Marcus and gave it a toss onto the sidewalk. "The fuck man!?"

"When you remember how to be polite to people feel free to come back. I'm done dealing with you." He just stood there staring at both of us. "And remember him too. He'll treat you the same way you treat him."

I took a couple steps back to give him the comfort zone to pick up his i.d. This way I was far enough away so he couldn't grab my leg and he felt comfortable enough to know that I wouldn't kick him while he was bent over.

The girl that he came with tried to plead his case. How much of a good guy he is and that he had a bad night at work. He works in the industry and she swears he won't be a problem. Marcus tried to explain what had happened and I signaled to him to just be quiet. After she realized that it all was falling on deaf ears she walked off to meet back up with the guy.

After all was calm Marcus said to me, "Man, I didn't know what was going to happen. I was ready though."

"Listen, no one disrespects you. If someone wants to be vulgar with you over a little thing, then they're more than likely going to be a problem later inside. If you stop it here then you don't have to worry about it later."

"Well yea, I mean you just kind of stepped in and I didn't know..."

"I stepped in because it was taking too much time. You are the doorman. You own this doorway. No one goes inside without your approval. Quit being passive and be firm. Treat these people like they're children if you have to but always be respectful until they don't deserve it."

"Ok, I'm still getting used to how things are done here."

"It's understandable. Just try to learn quick."

Now the question I ask myself after working with him a few nights. Am I setting this guy up for a fall or did I choose him just to let the powers that be, know what they might be losing if I leave.

On a different note. The guy that was involved in this has been back a few times. Each time he walks up now he hands me his i.d. and respectfully calls me sir. I hate being called sir and have told him to just call me Mike. All's well.

Friday, April 04, 2008


So I jumped on the site today and realized that it's been a while since I last put up a post. Then I noticed the site count. The count since September of 2007 is 2112. The count since I originally posted the site back in 2005 is right under that at 4640. That's a pretty significant increase, a little less than half of the total traffic has happened in less than 8 months.

Then I noticed the number 2112 again. It made me start thinking of the number 2012 and then my mind skipped over to Nostradamus and his prediction of the world coming to an end in the year 2012. Then I looked over and noticed the tv was on. I sat and stared at it blankly for a few minutes. Then I wondered when and why they actually made a movie version of the tv show Miami Vice. Really?

If you can't tell by my ramblings I've been out of focus lately. There's more news to come based off the On the Outs post I put up back in February. I won't go into detail as to whether it's good or bad news just yet. You'll find out in good time. I may or may not have to find a new title for the blog.

Until then I will put forth a conscious effort to keep updating on a regular basis. Even though it's only been a little over a week, it feels like it's been months since I've been on here.

The weather's getting nicer out which means there will be even more drunks out and about. When the weather's nice people go out earlier to get their 'stupid' on. Which I guess is a good thing. I like to call it job security. As long as there are stupid people getting drunk I'll always have a job. What other jobs have that kind of security?

Until next time.

Be safe.