Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Don't List Re-Visited...

When your waiting outside to be let in the establishment.
  • Don't count the number of people that leave in a loud voice.
  • Don't tell me how many people have skipped you in line. (There's usually a reason. They're VIP's or they have a great handshake.)
  • Don't argue with the doorstaff. (We decide if your even going to walk in the door.)
  • Don't pick fights with people walking by, standing in line, or fake fight.
  • Don't make empty offerings.
  • Don't try staring down the door staff.
  • Don't stumble, lean on someone, trip, or act drunk in any way.
  • If your told or asked to have a good night. Leave.
  • Don't bother the doorstaff.
  • Don't ask questions such as: "How do I get your job." "How'd you get this job." "Do you like to/wanna fight."
  • Don't 'hang out' at the door if you don't know the doorstaff personally.
  • Don't assume the doorstaff like you or that your good friends. Unless you are.
  • Don't try to 'pull one over'.
  • Don't "forget" your I.D. It doesn't matter if you look like your 150 years old. It's the law and the doorstaff is just doing their job.

When inside the bar.
  • Don't be extremely loud yelling countdowns or "chug, chug, chug". (Unless your in a sports bar. But I'm sure that annoys people there too.)
  • Don't grab anyone's person, especially the waitstaff or women in general.
  • Don't vomit on the floor, trash can, on people, walls, etc.. If you need to vomit, you need to go home.
  • Only argue about your tab if your sober and you know you didn't order those eight Jaeger Bombs for you and your frat brothers.
  • Don't give the ever expanding drink order. Know all the drinks you want, the first time you order.
  • Don't whistle to get the bartender's attention or yell anything. Such as: "Hey buddy", "Yo bartender" etc. (More than likely they heard you the first time and they're ignoring you.)
  • Don't do anything to annoy the lady folk. If the doorstaff gets enough complaints or the right one and you'll be asked to leave.
  • Don't use your preferred drug inside.
  • Don't tell the bartender to "make it strong". Chances will be that you just got a really weak drink.
  • Don't leave change as a tip. More than likely any drink you get will cost you at least $3. Leave at least a $1 tip. Even more if you want the bartenders to remember you and get to you faster.
  • Don't assume that the doorstaff, waitstaff or bartenders know you. To Assume just makes an ASS out of U and ME.

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