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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I know people...

It happens when your a kid. You get starstruck when you meet famous people. You don't know what to say or how to act. You might get butterflies in your stomach, start to cry or just become stupid to the point that you don't know what to do.

I've been one of those kids before. Back when I was in my late teens and I met Ozzy Osbourne on a rare occasion. Although I think my babbling sounded the same as Ozzy speaking.

When you work in a music venue you tend to meet a lot of interesting people. Anything from the coke heads to the people that stammer on about wanting to meet their idols. Sometimes you meet both in the same person. That usually turns out to be really annoying or funny. Have you ever heard a person that's super hyper try to talk 10 times faster than they do when they're all coked out? It becomes a giant slur of incomprehensible jibberish.

Most situations with bands are pretty simple to handle at the door. It's always the same basic story, the person trying to get in knows someone in one of the bands. "They were supposed to leave me a ticket", "They said they left a pass here for me". We don't handle that stuff. The production manager or his assistant takes care of all of that. Not our problem.

One of the interesting things that's happened is similar. One of the guys that works at the venue is trying very hard to make a name for himself as a DJ. Even though he doesn't dj anywhere except at work. To me, he's not trying hard enough.

So on one particular night, he was djing between bands and it was a fairly popular show. No real big national names but bigger local names. He had tried like hell to get a guest list for the show but the office said no. Technically he was working and he wasn't an "act". So when his friends walked up to the door we charged them full price. The funny part was they gladly paid because they were there to see the bands.

So when Toc found out that his friends were paying to get in, he got a little upset. He got even more upset when his friends didn't know he was even djing. He then went into explaining that the venue wouldn't let him have a guest list for his friends. He even went so far as giving his friends their money back out of his own pocket. Some of his friends accepted and some rejected.

Personally I thought this was funny. Here's a guy that most people only know because he can get them into shows for free. Then when he starts to play songs between bands they don't even care. I mean how many people go to see a guy play a playlist between bands? It's not his music. It's just plain old music played through an iPod.

It was even more funny to me how he acted towards people. When they didn't know he was djing he'd buy them drinks or give them their money back out of his pocket. It was the reverse effect in full action. He was starstruck on himself. He literally thought that these people were coming to watch him hit play on his iPod and not to see the bands that were playing live. How does a person get that stuck on themselves?

At the end of the night he was hanging with his friends and we were clearing the place out. He tried to get his friends to stick around but they were going to another place. They were about to leave and we reminded him that he was still on the clock. He asked if he could leave and we told him he could. As soon as he pulled all of the garbage and took it out to the dumpster.

A fitting end to his Rock Star night.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bum Da Dee Bum Bum....

"You let that guy in here?" TD was not happy. "The fuck's your problem man!? You know he's a bum."

It was a fairly slow night and the bands weren't pulling many people. I was sitting at the front door reading a magazine. Without raising my eyes from the article I said, "Hey, he had money for the cover and an i.d. I figure we give him 5 minutes and then toss him out."

TD's eyes got big, "Yea, you go with that. Hope you don't get Hepatitis when he tries to bite you."

"I'm not too worried about it."

"Yea... You will be after he bites you."

A few minutes later the manager came walking up to the door. He looked at TD and asked "You let that guy in here?" TD just points at me.

"Mike, you wanna get rid of your little friend you let in?"

I put down the paper and jump up, "Sure thing. Just so you know, he did pay to come in."

"I don't care, he fuckin stinks."

I grab the 6D cell flashlight and start off into the venue. After walking through the minimal crowd I found the bum in the bathroom. He was standing there staring at himself in the mirror. "Alright man, you gotta head out."


"You gotta leave. We got complaints about you."

"Man. I haven't been here no 5 minutes. You tellin me I gots to leave now?"

"That's what I said."

"Man, fuck you."

"Listen man, it's not up to you or me. I was told to get you out of here."

"Make me."

I stepped closer and grabbed his arm. He grabbed my arm with his other hand and I raised the 6D cell flashlight up over my shoulder in a striking position. He stood there staring at me and I never changed my facial expression.

"I'll tell you right now. I'll club you over the head enough times that it's gonna hurt a lot."

"You ain't gonna do shit." He then started to pull on my arm. I took the skinny end of the flashlight and jabbed him in the stomach with it. Then he let out a loud scream and fell down. The bathroom door opened and TD was standing there. "Need some help?"

"Just hold the door for me." I reached down and grabbed the bum by the ankles and started pulling. I dragged him out of the bathroom and over to the back door. As I got him almost out of the door he grabbed onto the sides of the doorway. He started screaming more and wouldn't let go. Until TD walked up.

TD let out two quick kicks and kicked both of the bums hands. After that he let go and I dragged him the rest of the way out. The bum kept holding his hands and I walked back inside.

After that the night was very quiet but we had something to talk about. TD kept asking me if the bum had bit me. I assured him that he hadn't. "You better go get tested man. You never know, he might of given you somethin."

"Man, I'm fine."

"Them bums man, they'll get you. They don't even have to touch you to give you something."

A couple days later we saw the bum walking by again. Both of his hands were bandaged. I was thinking that TD might have hurt him more than we thought. We didn't really care though.

"You must of hurt his hands pretty good."

"Man, fuck that guy. He wouldn't let go of the door."

"You might want to get tested man. I hear those bums can give you stuff without even touching them." TD turns and looks at me. "You kicked his hands. Just think if he bled on your shoes."

TD made an appointment to get tested the next day.

Friday, March 21, 2008


And there they stood. The few against the many. They knew that they did right and that's all they cared to know. The General was not there to lead them but they did it the way they knew how.

After all these years, Welcome to post #200. I know it took a while to get here but it's here.

A few years ago I was working in a concert venue. It was a slightly busy night and I was fairly new to the staff. Being the new guy I got the crap position. Well, they called it the crap position, to me it was the best seat in the house. It was the spot near the stage.

I thought it was the best spot because I got to see the show. I also got to be the one staff member to control the mosh pits and idiots. When I say one staff member I mean one staff member. I was the only person in the middle of a pit unless it got really sloppy. Which was one of the best feelings at the time.

I would step out into the pit and let it go. As soon as anyone touched me they got thrown out quickly. It usually entailed throwing them into a choke hold and dragging them behind me. If they're friend wanted to say anything or try to stop me then they would go under the other arm.

On one particular night there was a bigger problem. The band on stage brought up a friend from the crowd to help perform a song. As I watched the band pull him up from the front of the stage I had a feeling it was going to be a problem. The friend was very drunk.

After a few verses he was starting to jump around on stage and lose his balance. Next thing you know he trips and he gets caught by the audience. They push him back up and I walk out into the crowd. As I turn to look around I catch a glimpse of him running towards the front of the stage.

He stage dives.

No one catches him.

So I do what I believe is right. I grab him, make sure he's awake and check him out. He's fine. So I hook him under the arm pit and brace his forearm and I start walking him to the back door. Yes, I'm throwing him out for the night.

From behind me someone grabs my shirt. They start pulling me back. Then I feel another set of hands grab my other shoulder. I start to get pulled down. I step backwards and swing my open arm back, hoping that my elbow will make contact with who ever is pulling on me. It didn't and I lost balance. The drunk idiot and I both go down.

The two men that pulled me back started helping their friend get back up. Then the calvary arrived. Two former employees came out of the crowd and grabbed the guys that pulled me down. I once again grabbed the drunk idiot. As we started ushering the three out, more of their friends came out of the crowd. As more of them came out, more of us came out. Security, bartenders, barbacks, and even the sound guys all came running.

Next thing you know it was 12 -15 people all wrestling each other for control. Punches were thrown, police were called and people were arrested. The band even stopped playing during it all.

Half an hour before it all started the Head Doorman, TD, had gone home early because it was a mediocre night. He didn't think anything was going to happen. The next day when TD and I worked together he complimented me on a job well done. He also said that he wouldn't be going home too early on any more shifts that I worked.

Later down the road, I'd find out that those men were the security staff from a different venue. I also found out that they were all fired from their venue. The owner of that venue found out about the incident and didn't care for how they represented him.

It was my second shift at this venue. It proved to be one of the funnest venues I've worked at so far.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No matter where you work there are always ex-employees. They might not work there anymore for one of a million reasons. Most of them are pretty cool and the others don't really cause any problems or the opposite any time they show up.

Some of them claim to be the reason why the clubs still open due to the many things they've done there. Which isn't too far from the fact considering everyone who works there is a reason why the club is still open. Why do I say that? I've seen what I get paid, and it is a small reason for staying there. So in my opinion we are all helping the club by staying and not making them find new help all the time.

Sometimes the alumni forget how far back they've worked there. For some, it's been at least five years. That was a totally different animal back then. Five years doesn't seem like a long time but when it comes to employee turn over and the status of the club, it is.

One particular alumni, who I'll just call Al, loves to tell the same stories over and over. All about how Al saved this place so much money and he did so many things to set the place right. He wasn't even a manager or a part of the doorstaff but he did so much.

Now, maybe he did and I'm just tired of listening to his same stories over and over. Maybe I'm tired of listening to him put the same people up on pedestals. Maybe I'm tired of him not listening to what I'm saying or interrupting me. What ever it is, he's boring. He's also a little too full of himself.

There is an employee entrance at the club and certain alumni use it to come in. Not all the alumni have this access but certain ones who left on good terms, still work occasionally, or are good friends still use it. This door is also mainly staffed by the new guys. This way they get to know the employees and alumni and all the important people they should be looking out for.

When ever there is a new guy, and he does his job right, alumni will have to walk around to the front door. Then we walk them back to the new guy and introduce them. It might take a couple trips but sooner or later the guy will remember them.

Then you have Al. Al's normally a pretty mellow guy. He talks a lot, is kind of boring, and travels for work. On a normal night he'd introduce himself to the new guy and then walk around to the front and come in. Then walk back and talk to the guy with the same stories he's told everyone a million times. Once in a while you get Drunk Al, the Hyde to his Jekyl.

One night, Al didn't want to walk around to the front door. So when the Pete stopped him Al decided to walk in anyways. Pete tried to stop him by just standing in his way. One thing most people don't think of Al is that, for being a small guy, he can hold his own and some. So Al pulled out one of his moves and tossed Pete to the ground.

I was walking through the club and saw Pete jumping up off the ground and get into a wrestling match with Al. Part of me wanted to stand back and see what would happen but I also knew not to leave anyone with Al in that situation. Even if Al is annoying and never ending.

So I got over there and reached down and grabbed Al and pulled him up off of Pete. I had Al in a full nelson and had his feet about a foot off the ground. "Al, it's ok, it's Mike.. calm down man..."

"Man, tell this douche bag I'm ok!"

"Al, I think tonight might be a good night to just go home."

"What!? If it weren't for me you wouldn't even have a job!"

"Yea, and if it weren't for me you'd be dealing with TD."

"Yea... maybe your right.."

Pete got up and stood there. I could tell he wanted to just fire off a jab into Al's face but he stood his post. I walked Al over to the front door and told him to just go home and come back another day and apologize to Pete. TD was at the door and asked what Al had to apologize for. I told him it was no big deal and Al walked off. After he was a few blocks away I explained to TD what had happened. TD shrugged it off and said he was wondering when Al was going to go off again.

Later that night we had to talk to Pete and got him up to date on Al and explain to him how Al is. Pete didn't take it to well but he did accept Al's apology the next night.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Later Sparky...

So it was just under three weeks. The scrawny, little, spiked hair, Sparky has left the building. No one really knows why but there's a good guess that the kid got scared.

After a few big shows and having to listen to customers and bands the kid never came back. I guess it was too much for him to make heavy decisions and stand up to people.

I have to admit, when I first started working on a doorstaff it was pretty hard. A lot of people just don't have the backbone for it. You have to be able to make a decision right there and then and stick by it no matter what that person says to you. If necessary you need to be able to back that decision up as well.

I had a feeling when he walked in the door that first day he wouldn't make it a month. The way he stared at the table and floor when he was talking was a big give away. The kid just didn't have the self confidence needed to do the job.

I worked with the kid so little that I actually just noticed that he was gone. From what I was told he had a pretty rough night with some people walking past him and giving him some static and just never came back. He didn't call in and he still hasn't came back for his last check. I doubt he will come back for it. More than likely they'll mail it out to him.

From what I know, under three weeks is a new record for fastest time for either quitting or being fired. Which means ole Sparky will be remembered for something.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Bullsh*t -n- Bologna....

What ever corner you turn there's almost always some kind of bullshit going on. At every job I've ever worked there's always bullshit going on. Sometimes good but usually there are teams set up to play the field. The connivers versus the workers.

Let's take a look at these words.

  1. To cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action;
  2. To scheme; plot.
    1. One who works at a particular occupation or activity: an office worker
  1. A member of the working class.
Two totally different, opposite ends of the spectrum, words. Yet, they seem to exist within a level of existence that is soon to come crashing down.

Whenever you work at a place where your boss falls for fake people being cool you will always have connivers. These people are pretty much useless. They'll sit around and joke with just the right people.

They might even stop into work early, while the day staff is still around, just so they can find out who the real bosses are. Then they start doing favors for them and get on their good sides. Obviously, the day staff has no idea what's going on at night so they think that person is awesome for showing up so early for work.

Next thing you know, they get the good shifts or a faster advancement because the day boss loves them. Molly and I have never really had a problem seeing eye to eye. The times that we have had talks have always been settled and one of us has seen a point of view that the other did not. She usually understands that she doesn't know what's going on at night. She's never here at night and likes it that way. So once in a while she needs to get an idea of what is going on.

The problem in that is this. If she found out half of the things that are going on then half of the staff would probably get fired. Between the self inflicted habits and people just not doing their jobs they'd be out the door. Including one Sparky that she thought was such a great idea. An update on him soon to come. So sometimes it's better to let things play out the way you want them too.

This is when the other side of the coin kicks in and also how things get a little twisted. There are definitely teams in a sense at any bigger place. Taking the way our little club works it always seems to be the doorstaff versus everyone else.

The doorstaff is basically made up of blue collar workers. We all know how most regular jobs work. You go to work, do your job, and after so long you get rewarded. End of story. Unless your worthless you get what's coming to you. Sometimes you do even when your worthless just not in a good way. Besides all this, when we see someone get screwed over we want to try and fix it. It might take us a while but it gets fixed. Especially when it's someone that we consider part of our team.

Everyone else is basically the bartenders, managers, and the higher ups. The bartenders are usually no problems. Most of them have been doormen before they became bartenders. They know what's going on and don't usually involve themselves.

The manager is pretty pliable. Depending on how you handle them depends on where they are. We keep them out of trouble so they listen but that's never anything to really believe in.

The higher ups are ones I stay away from. These are people you don't want to include in anything. Usually that's where the top dog goes if really needed. The top dog (TD) is the head doorman. TD knows all the higher ups and can state his opinion to them without consequence. If I were to open my mouth to them I'd probably get fired on the spot.

Now the twisted part. This is when you get all the different people going in all the different paths. The connivers become the hunted and the workers becoming the connivers against the connivees. Certain people that want in to see certain friends won't be allowed in. Favors will be hard to get and the connivees will be watched for any certain patterns they start.

It's almost like a well drawn out battle plan. In the nightlife it really is basically all about what people can do for people. Then again, it's also what you can't do for people too. No one really knows what can or can't be done for anyone. We can tell you no and the manager says yes but the manager has to come to us and say yes. We don't have to look for the manager. The inconvenience is there for both the parties, the person wanting something and the manager having to make time for them. We're the middle man, we don't always have what you want.

Some might say that we just get lazy because we won't go look for someone. Guess what, that's not our job. When it comes to letting people in that are on a guest list, this is our job.

"Your on the list, come on in."


"Your not on the list. The cover's $__."

"But I was told I was on the list for tonight."

"Your not, so you can pay the cover or don't and not come in."

"Well, can you get ______? They said they'd put me on the list."

"No we can't. Either pay or don't, your choice."

That's when the person gets all upset and leaves. Which could mean a numerous amount of things could or could not happen. It's just a small slice of enjoyment for us and maybe an eye opener for someone else.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm with the band...

When working at the venue we have a pretty tight ship. Granted, we have a couple new guys like Pete, Sparky and Jose but it's pretty tight. For the most part we all know what our jobs are. We are at our stations keeping an eye out for things going on and we check people for band passes.

Band passes are for the performers only, plain and simple. They're not for the girlfriends or wives or any little groupie that comes around. It's done this way so that the liabilities for damage is on those people and those people alone.

A band pass will get you into the stage area, the backstage area, and any other area that might be for the performers only. This means basically that if anything gets broken or stolen from those areas, whether it's our property or yours, blame falls on those people with passes.

Now here's a little thing that I never really understand from those local garage bands that play at times. What makes you think that your special?

National touring bands completely understand that the backstage green rooms are for them and them alone. They know that if they want to take their real life brother back there that they need a pass for him. They know that when they walk up with the two annoying groupies that I will stop the groupies from entering. They know that if so much as a hole is found in the wall of their green room that they will have to pay for it. So there's never a problem with the national touring bands.

Yet, the local garage bands think that the green rooms are there just to take their girlfriends and family and everyone else. They don't seem to think that I will get tired of walking back there and kicking their friends out.

"I find you back here one more time I'm throwing you out of the club."

"Oh, well, we didn't know."

"Didn't see that big red sign that says you must have a pass to be back here? Or didn't you hear me the first time when I told you not to be back here?"

Then they think I don't notice when they hand their pass off to a friend right in front of me.

"Can I see your pass?"

The young lady pulls it out from her back pocket. "Sure. Here it is."

"Miss, did you perform tonight?"


"You were actually in the band and played an instrument?"

"Well, not really. My boyfriend did though."

"Thank you. I'll take that pass." I reach over and take the pass away from her.

"But how's my boyfriend gonna get his stuff out of there?"

"Guess he should have thought of that when he gave you his pass."

Then you have the really slick ones. They think their smooth. They're the ones that walk up with a couple people and talk to me as they motion their friends to walk in. This one's usually a little bit fun because I'll let their friends walk by acting like I'm really interested in what the person has to say.

Then when the person talking to me walks in I give them a couple minutes and I walk in. I go to their dressing room and look in. The person that was talking to me smiles and usually says something about how great of a guy I am. Then I ask for everyone's pass and throw everyone out. I then remind that person that if he/she brings anyone else back without a pass I'll throw them out of the club even if they haven't played yet.

What the garage bands don't realize is this. Most of these bands store their personal stuff in these rooms. Their laptops, phones, ipods, or what ever they don't take on stage with them. Now all the bands that are playing that night have their things back there and there isn't a doorman for each room, there's one. That one doorman is the one that's at the main door leading back to these rooms.

Now if you keep taking a bunch of people back there without passes who's to blame if things get stolen? The club because we let all these people back there without passes or the bands for taking people back there without passes? This is an argument that has happened a few times and usually right in the middle of the argument one of the band members walks out of the room with his girlfriend. A person who wasn't supposed to have a pass but somehow did. Thus, negating the bands argument.

Really, if you want your girlfriend back there or your family then ask for extra passes. It's not that hard, you just open your mouth and ask.

So here's a tip for all the little rockstar wannabe's that are in the toddler stages. If you want to be a rockstar then act like one. Treat your girlfriends / boyfriends / family like rockstars and get them passes too. Don't turn what could be a great night into a big night of hassles. Try to make the night memorable by not being that band that's a pain in the ass. When your a pain in our ass we make you look like an ass. Which is easy.

"What do you mean I need a pass? I'm his wife / girlfriend."

"Well, I guess next time he'll remember that. There have been a few ladies going back there with passes but you have to have one to go back there. You might want to remind him who the important people are." (Of course, those few ladies could be ladies in a different band or the staff or girlfriends of other bandmates or bands. How should I know who they really are?)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Everybody loves a good rock show. The intensity of the music live and in your face. The brews going down faster than if you were just sitting at home with the CD or DVD blaring on your home system. The people in the crowd getting all riled up and the jumping and bumping that goes on in the front of the stage.

Anyone who says they'd rather sit at home and listen to one of their many favorite bands on CD than go and see them live is not a true fan. From classical music to punk and everything in between you'd just rather see them live. There's just something about the electricity that fills the air at a live show.

So now I wonder why you'd be an idiot and get thrown out before that band plays.

The venue is a pretty small place to see bands. It's not a huge place and I've talked before about throwing people out. It's pretty routine. You warn them and if they do it again you throw them out. Then it's up to the front door not to let them back in.

How does the front door know not to let them back in? Well, like many venues there's a no re-entry policy. This is pretty self explanatory. If you leave you have to pay to get back in. Granted people are probably thinking, Shit, I'd just pay and go back in. There's a small flaw to that. If you do get thrown out and you pay to go back in and we see you inside we throw you out again. This time through the front door so they know not to let you back in again.

Our front door staff has been around for a while. Most of them have worked other venues before and know what to look for. I won't say that I'm of that caliber because I won't and the other guys have a few years on me.

Basically, they're looking for the guy with ripped clothing, sweaty clothing, and the talker. The talker is the guy that comes walking back up fast to the door and tries to walk right by the staff. He'll go on about how he shouldn't have been thrown out or his jacket is inside or he needs to let his friends know that he's outside. This guy is usually pretty annoying. The fact is simply but hard to process for these guys. You got thrown out. Your not getting back in.

He'll stand there for a long time trying to persuade his way back in but it doesn't work. He'll offer money, he'll offer his ID up as collateral, one guy even bought a ticket off of someone and tried to come back in. Sooner or later you'll get really annoying and we'll ask you to leave the front of the club. When you don't and you go on your spiel about how it's a free country and you have every right to stand there we'll just point to the No Loitering sign on the wall.

When you don't leave then we'll motion to the next available police officer that is patrolling by. We'll explain to the officer that you got kicked out of the club and won't leave. We'll even tell them that we don't want to press any charges for the broken bottles or elbowing an employee or what ever you did to get kicked out if you'll just remove yourself from our sight.

This is when everyone gets to see what kind of a person you are. You could be a complete asshole and try to get us arrested for the way your removed. Try to play the nice guy card and try to explain to the cops that you just want to tell your friends your leaving and they can go in with you. (Which doesn't work, the cops care about that as much as we do.) Then there's the jag off method.

Keep telling the cops that it's your right to stand where ever you want. Then to show them that you know what your doing stand just past the edge of the club. This way your off our property and you can still talk about our mothers. This is the brilliant thing to do. Especially when the cops are still standing there. Sooner or later one of the door staff will get tired of hearing you call his mother a whore or that he's useless or he'll just get tired of hearing your voice. Then comes the slander.

If you want to talk all kinds of shit then that's great. Did you know that you can be arrested just for telling someone to fuck off? You do now. When the cops come over and ask you to move on or risk being arrested don't question them. Move on.

You could be the next contestant on Who's Tiny's Bunkmate...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hey there Sparky...

Every once in a while there's a call for some new blood at the venue. Usually, we look for big guys that look like they can hold their own against a whole group of people in a mosh pit. That is if we, the security staff, do the hiring.

Of course, most people do all their job hunting during the day. Just like Sparky did.

As I was sitting at the door a young kid walked in asking to leave his number. Explaining that he had just filled in an application earlier and had put down the wrong number. All 120 pounds, skin covered skeleton with spiky hair of him was asking nervously to leave his number. Repeating himself a few times as he stared at the table. He kept saying that he talked to someone but couldn't remember her name.

The her that he was referring to was the day manager. The lady who signs the checks. I've never had any troubles with Molly and that's how I like it. I've heard a few horror stories about people who have had problems with her though. Once in a while she decides to hire a security guy and it's usually not all that great of an idea. She kind of hires doorguys like the bar hires waitresses. They look good so they must be good.

Inevitably these little scrawny kids either quit or are fired within a couple months depending on how many hectic shows we have.

Once in a while we are proven wrong. Pete is a pretty scrawny guy but he has some training behind him and can hold his own. Then again, he's only been around for about two months.

So now, not only will we be babysitting the drunks and rowdies at the shows, we'll also have to keep an eye on Sparky.

Get your game on Sparky. No one likes to babysit anyone they work with.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hip Hop, Hip Hip Hop - Please stop...

Working at the venue lets me see many different acts and allows me to see some great bands. Every night is usually a different genre of music but with each different style there are different styles of problems.

With the metal and hardcore scenes its usually mosh pits and drunks, sometimes pot smokers.

With hippy jam bands its usually people recording the music or video and lots of pot smokers.

With this emo sad bastard music its usually the women that are drunk and being noisy. (Those sad emo guys are too worried about shit to be a problem.) And of course, pot smokers.

Then you have the gangsta rappers. They get patted down at the front door for knives, guns, and anything else you could think of that could be used as a weapon. Same thing pretty much for the rappers and R & B nights too.

Out of all the nights we always have extra guys on for the hip hop and R&B nights. These nights are always a hassle.

The act always shows up at least an hour late, they get on stage and they'll play less time than they are slotted, and they always invite their homies up on stage to bust a rhyme or something.

For some reason these people who are paying way too much money to see such a short show always come back again too. Why?

You pay twenty to twenty-five bucks to see your favorite rapper perform for an hour and the guy shows up an hour late and performs for fifteen minutes. Does this really make sense?

If it does, I'll gladly invite you to my place for a party, gaurantee you all the booze you can drink, take your forty bucks and tell you the booze will be here in an hour and then give you one beer. Makes sense to me. Over charge you for a quarter of what you expected.

I tell you what, I'm into more of the metal scene and don't really like the new rap or r&b, but if a band I really liked pulled that shit on me I'd probly leave. You might think your the best as an act but there are a lot better acts no matter who you are. It doesn't matter if your Ozzy or your some little garage band from bum fuck Iowa. Your better than some but there are some better than you.

Then, on most of these nights the management of the band wants everything to be VIP. Close all the side rooms and the balcony and make them VIP, but leave the main stage area open for everyone.

Hmm, the main stage area where theres no chairs and tables. This way 250 out of the 300 people (who aren't VIP) can stand around for the next hour waiting for a show that is still driving to the venue. When they do this it sucks for everyone. The people can't sit and relax, the bartender in that area makes no money because theres only twenty or thirty VIPs and they're taking up space in a different VIP area, and the door staff is taking heat from everyone because you can't let them in to sit down or get a drink unless they're VIP.

So the act ended up going on an hour late because they wanted their fans to actually show up. Even though it was advertised to start at a certain time the fans didn't even show up till an hour later. To me that says something altogether. Granted, maybe they got a call and some big whig wasn't able to make it on time so they waited. But still, if some big whig can't make it on time then he doesn't really care anyway. He just wants to be a hassle so he gets in free.

At least I can say this. There were no guns, there were no fights, and there weren't many drunks. It was actually a really slow night but everyone was still on their toes for the unexpected. Last show like this we had we ended up having twelve cops run in to arrest three guys for picking a fight with one of our bartenders. Why? Because they thought he shorted them on their drink pour. Fuckin retarded.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

But the bartender is my friend....

Working the door gives you the ability to do favors for friends and employees. The employees know, just as I do, that unless you bring something to the table there aren't any real favors.

If you work somewhere that alot of employees eat at or drink at then you get favors if the favors are returned or even given out to begin with. Just because your friends doesn't mean you always get this favor.

Heres a few common sense 'no brainers'.

If your a girlfriend or boyfriend of an employee then obviously your welcome.

If you hook people up with free or discounted drinks or food on a some what normal basis at another bar or resteraunt. (This doesn't apply to offers. Everyone makes offers, it has to be somewhere employees actually go.)

If you bring something to the table on a normal basis then your good.

This doesn't apply to everything though. Granted if it's a private party your probly not going to get in. This doesn't really apply to the boyfriend or girlfriend though. If your in that situation than your pretty much gold. Then again, if your just a mistress or some person that an employees been screwing around with your not gold.

When your the friend of a friend don't expect any favors. Especially when the cover is really small. And don't just say hi and walk in to make me walk in after you. Your not high and mighty. I could give a shit less if you get bent out of shape because I walked through the club and made you pay the three dollar or five dollar cover in front of your friends. I make people look like asses for a reason. To knock you off your imaginary pedastal. The sad part is when you ask your friends to pay the cover for you because you have no money. That just means your wasting space inside the club becasue your ass is going to be drinking water or trying to get free drinks all night and annoying the bartenders because your not tipping or asking for too many favors.

"Well, I used to get in free all the time."

Times change, just like your clothes. Just because you got in free once or twice doesn't mean you will forever. Maybe your not as important as you were or maybe that person that was getting you in is tired of you. Maybe you didn't return any favors. Who really knows or cares.

Heres a big piece of advice. When your asked to pay the cover don't roll your eyes, smile and walk in. Your asked for a reason not for a joke. Annoy the doormen and you'll be paying to get in even if a favor is asked to let you in.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Two in the pink, One in the stink.

These last few days have been pretty quiet. The entire neighborhood has kind of went into a lull. Last night at the venue we had a really good show. A greedy fly started up a band and it turned out to be a really good time for everyone that was there.

It was finally one of those nights that I actually enjoyed the performance enough to actually want to sit inside instead of out on the sidewalk all night.

Through the night we seemed to keep having problems with one person though. Normally if there is a problem that person gets ejected. This person was a rep from a fairly big label or distro or whatever. Lets just say that we were asked to be lenient with this person.

Well, after yelling at someone for taking her friends seat, spilling beers, falling off her stool and then tossing a cup of water, I was asked to give her a final warning. The venue was pretty packed with lots of fans and a handful of people that knew who I was looking for. When I walked over to where the rep had been standing the people in that area pointed me in the right direction and then straight to her.

From what I understood the head doorman had already talked to her. Yet, since we were asked to be cool with her he didn't make a big deal out of it and told her she was fine. Her biggest fear was being thrown out since she was the bands rep at the label. I guess her stupid drunken ass wouldn't look good to her higher ups...

I walked through the crowd at the front of the stage and tapped her on the shoulder in between songs. When she looked back she recognized me from the front door and you could see her get flustered.

"You throw one more little tantrum and your out."

"Thats not what your boss says."

"I don't give a fuck what he says, do it again and I'll throw you out! I am my boss!"

She just stood there looking at me and it was almost like she was going to start crying. You know, if you hold such a position then why drink that much when you know your not supposed to? The rest of the night I stood off on the sideline near her location and kept an eye on her. Met a couple cool people and took away a few digi-cams and erased the video files that they were making of the show. I can see it soon that we won't allow phones, pdas, or anything else capable of taking video. We were allowing cameras that night. Although, I still had to tell some people to turn their flashes off. Whats more important? You getting your picture or the artist performing not getting blinded by your flash?

The lady rep seemed to clean her shit up pretty quick. I stuck in that area and watched her and she never screwed up again. I was kind of hoping she would have. It's strange to see how a simple thing of getting thrown out of a bar can effect your job status and responsibilities at your work place.

After the band was all done, people were streaming out of the venue into the street. During this you got to keep an eye on people and make sure they don't try to leave with a bottle or a cup. You can take out a bottle of water but thats all you can take. It doesn't matter if its a cup of ice or a cup of water.

"You can take the water, but you can't take the cup."

"But it's just water..."

"City ordinance, no open containers. If you want to pay the fines, it's only around five grand each."


Then it was time for the band to leave their dressing room and head out to the bus. All the guys in the band were from good bands that have good names. The singer was from a pretty successful band and seems to be in the eyes of many of the people there. So I was asked to stick close just in case there were any 'over active' fans.

He was very cool with everyone and tried not to leave anyone out when it came to autographs and pictures. He was signing shirts, arms, guitars, picks, photos, and just about anything you can think of. He did a ton of photos with everyone and one has stuck in my head.

An attractive little blonde came over and asked for a picture with him. He gladly took the picture and then she asked for one more. This time asking him to stick out his index and middle fingers together and his pinky. The sign for "Two in the pink, one in the stink". He did as she asked and took the picture. Then asked what it was for. The girl laughed and told him and he stood there thinking it over. I really don't think he knew what it meant. Then it clicked and he just kinda smiled and went on.

The autographs and pictures went on for about another hour as he made his way to the bus. Then I was on my way back inside the venue to finish my night.

I wonder how long until that picture hits the internet...