Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm with the band...

When working at the venue we have a pretty tight ship. Granted, we have a couple new guys like Pete, Sparky and Jose but it's pretty tight. For the most part we all know what our jobs are. We are at our stations keeping an eye out for things going on and we check people for band passes.

Band passes are for the performers only, plain and simple. They're not for the girlfriends or wives or any little groupie that comes around. It's done this way so that the liabilities for damage is on those people and those people alone.

A band pass will get you into the stage area, the backstage area, and any other area that might be for the performers only. This means basically that if anything gets broken or stolen from those areas, whether it's our property or yours, blame falls on those people with passes.

Now here's a little thing that I never really understand from those local garage bands that play at times. What makes you think that your special?

National touring bands completely understand that the backstage green rooms are for them and them alone. They know that if they want to take their real life brother back there that they need a pass for him. They know that when they walk up with the two annoying groupies that I will stop the groupies from entering. They know that if so much as a hole is found in the wall of their green room that they will have to pay for it. So there's never a problem with the national touring bands.

Yet, the local garage bands think that the green rooms are there just to take their girlfriends and family and everyone else. They don't seem to think that I will get tired of walking back there and kicking their friends out.

"I find you back here one more time I'm throwing you out of the club."

"Oh, well, we didn't know."

"Didn't see that big red sign that says you must have a pass to be back here? Or didn't you hear me the first time when I told you not to be back here?"

Then they think I don't notice when they hand their pass off to a friend right in front of me.

"Can I see your pass?"

The young lady pulls it out from her back pocket. "Sure. Here it is."

"Miss, did you perform tonight?"


"You were actually in the band and played an instrument?"

"Well, not really. My boyfriend did though."

"Thank you. I'll take that pass." I reach over and take the pass away from her.

"But how's my boyfriend gonna get his stuff out of there?"

"Guess he should have thought of that when he gave you his pass."

Then you have the really slick ones. They think their smooth. They're the ones that walk up with a couple people and talk to me as they motion their friends to walk in. This one's usually a little bit fun because I'll let their friends walk by acting like I'm really interested in what the person has to say.

Then when the person talking to me walks in I give them a couple minutes and I walk in. I go to their dressing room and look in. The person that was talking to me smiles and usually says something about how great of a guy I am. Then I ask for everyone's pass and throw everyone out. I then remind that person that if he/she brings anyone else back without a pass I'll throw them out of the club even if they haven't played yet.

What the garage bands don't realize is this. Most of these bands store their personal stuff in these rooms. Their laptops, phones, ipods, or what ever they don't take on stage with them. Now all the bands that are playing that night have their things back there and there isn't a doorman for each room, there's one. That one doorman is the one that's at the main door leading back to these rooms.

Now if you keep taking a bunch of people back there without passes who's to blame if things get stolen? The club because we let all these people back there without passes or the bands for taking people back there without passes? This is an argument that has happened a few times and usually right in the middle of the argument one of the band members walks out of the room with his girlfriend. A person who wasn't supposed to have a pass but somehow did. Thus, negating the bands argument.

Really, if you want your girlfriend back there or your family then ask for extra passes. It's not that hard, you just open your mouth and ask.

So here's a tip for all the little rockstar wannabe's that are in the toddler stages. If you want to be a rockstar then act like one. Treat your girlfriends / boyfriends / family like rockstars and get them passes too. Don't turn what could be a great night into a big night of hassles. Try to make the night memorable by not being that band that's a pain in the ass. When your a pain in our ass we make you look like an ass. Which is easy.

"What do you mean I need a pass? I'm his wife / girlfriend."

"Well, I guess next time he'll remember that. There have been a few ladies going back there with passes but you have to have one to go back there. You might want to remind him who the important people are." (Of course, those few ladies could be ladies in a different band or the staff or girlfriends of other bandmates or bands. How should I know who they really are?)


Miss H said...

so the question, is most of the drama you encounter centered around women? either them as a direct cause, or men in an effort to impress women?

Mike Drman said...

At this station I'd probably say that 4 out of 5 problems are. It's usually women trying to meet their favorite band or the band members trying to take women back there.

Other than this station the 'drama' is totally different. It changes with each station that you work really.

Miss H said...

sounds familiar enough. we all have our stories! yours just happen to be extra entertaining.

Anonymous said...

yeah I love it too.

maybe i need to sign up so i can be critized back for any posts. I am sure more anon people then me will post soon.

But keep it comming. Its great to see the other side.