Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hey there Sparky...

Every once in a while there's a call for some new blood at the venue. Usually, we look for big guys that look like they can hold their own against a whole group of people in a mosh pit. That is if we, the security staff, do the hiring.

Of course, most people do all their job hunting during the day. Just like Sparky did.

As I was sitting at the door a young kid walked in asking to leave his number. Explaining that he had just filled in an application earlier and had put down the wrong number. All 120 pounds, skin covered skeleton with spiky hair of him was asking nervously to leave his number. Repeating himself a few times as he stared at the table. He kept saying that he talked to someone but couldn't remember her name.

The her that he was referring to was the day manager. The lady who signs the checks. I've never had any troubles with Molly and that's how I like it. I've heard a few horror stories about people who have had problems with her though. Once in a while she decides to hire a security guy and it's usually not all that great of an idea. She kind of hires doorguys like the bar hires waitresses. They look good so they must be good.

Inevitably these little scrawny kids either quit or are fired within a couple months depending on how many hectic shows we have.

Once in a while we are proven wrong. Pete is a pretty scrawny guy but he has some training behind him and can hold his own. Then again, he's only been around for about two months.

So now, not only will we be babysitting the drunks and rowdies at the shows, we'll also have to keep an eye on Sparky.

Get your game on Sparky. No one likes to babysit anyone they work with.

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