Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Mother's Six...

In recent news I found an article about six young men that were refused entry to a Chicago nightclub. Although I don't know anything about the nightclub I'm left to believe that one of their security procedures includes a dress code. Which includes no baggy jeans.

Here's why I believe no baggy clothing is a great idea. Have you ever had a jacket or purse stolen while at a club? Baggy clothing is a great place to hide those things. Yes, people should be more aware of their belongings in a club. Have you ever heard of someone pulling a gun or knife out at a club? Baggy clothes are a great place to hide these things. Yes, clubs should have metal detectors at the door. However, do you want to remove all the metal from your body and remove your shoes before entering a bar or nightclub?

I've turned away a lot of people due to how they dress. If you dress like one of your hip hop, drug dealing, gangsta, murdering idols then your ethics probably aren't too far behind. So why would I want to encourage you to come into my establishment? Why would I want to invite something into the establishment that might cause strife with the other patrons?

So then as the story goes, these students aren't looking to sue the establishment but to make an example out of them. They think that by making this nightclub help to dissolve this "racist profiling" at the door of clubs it might help to make the world a better place. I guess it's good to have an optimistic view on the world while you're young.

According to one of the young men (Regis Murayi, 21), he has been targeted by such dress codes before at different locations. Maybe this is due to the fact that he constantly dresses in this same manner all the time. I wonder what would happen if he quit dressing in that manner. Do you think he wouldn't be "targeted" in such a manner? After all, the world is out to get you if you believe it is. Why should you change who you are or how you dress to fit in with the world? I don't even want to get into the whole blue collar versus corporate subject. There's an entire example of why people conform to get farther in life.

But you sir, should not have to conform or change your clothes to go to a bar, yet alone a nightclub. To think that an overpriced nightclub wants you to wear specific clothing to fit in with the environment they are trying to provide. Just think if they were having a Hawaiian shirt night and you showed up in a Kimono...

As for the "race card", does it really matter? Notice this whole time I never mentioned that all six of the students from a different city were black. I also didn't mention that a white student that appeared in the same pants got in. I never mentioned it before because I don't believe it matters. Now I'm not naive, I understand that race does still matter to some backward rednecks deep in the south.

Here's the other reason that I'm mentioning the students race. It was six black students yet after they were denied a white student was allowed into the establishment wearing the same jeans. So why isn't it the Mother's Seven? Since it became a subject of race the white kid isn't important or does the white kid think it's a joke and doesn't want to be involved?

"A lot of times, baggy-jeans policies are used, in my opinion, to reject a certain demographic, mostly black men, from being allowed entry into certain places," Murayi said.
Although this is your opinion it's a jaded opinion. To me this opinion is just as racist as they are trying to pretend this situation is. To exclude all other races from your statement is to say that a singular race is better than all others. Isn't there already an organization that does that? Doesn't it have three K's in it's name?
Murayi says he tried pleading with the bouncer and a manager.
Pleading can be seen in different ways. It could be on your knees begging, which could show how pathetic you are for trying to get into a club. Then again, it could be, "Man, that's total bullshit. What's your name? I'll get you fired." You don't believe this? Do my job for a month. You'll see just how dumb people can be to get into a club. If you're pathetic at the door what's to say that you don't get worse inside? With the mentality that you just "got one over" on the doorman you'll probably act like even more of a douchebag inside the club.

All dress codes are really up to the doorstaff. Granted it's a blanket statement used to weed out the negative parts and it's not perfect. Yet if a friend of the establishment shows up wearing all the bad things I'd say there's a 95% chance that they're going to get in. Just like all rules at a club they're there to save the establishments ass in certain situations. They can be bent in any manner to help out the employees or management.

So do I believe this is all a bunch of crap? Yes I do.

Maybe this was a publicity stunt? Maybe this is supposed to be something to distract Chicago from the highest murder rates in the country due to gang violence? Maybe this just helps people understand why Chicago didn't get the Olympics?

Until every establishment is fully equipped with id scanners that pull up every persons criminal background then doorstaff need to use their judgment. Each person's judgment is based off of their personal history. If this means some people get denied for what they believe is a bad reason then so be it. Go to the next club and see how it goes.

If you are like Mr. Murayi and have had a series of refusals from several different clubs due to your clothing then think about changing your clothing options. Come prepared like most other people and have a change of clothes in your car. If you're coming in from out of town then realize that you need to dress appropriately as deemed by society not your local fashionista.

Most of all, if you're an upstanding member of society and don't believe that the world is out to get you. Get your head out of your ass and realize that there are more important things going on in the world other than you not being able to get into a club.

-Be safe.