Monday, October 10, 2005

Dress Codes...

One thing I would never categorize myself as is a racist. There are things in this world that I like and dislike. Now I won't go on about how I hate my job or how I love my job because I really don't have strong feelings either way. My job can be boring and at times feel unimportant but at other times it's exciting and you actually feel like you made a difference to someone.

There are certain types of music that I like and other kinds I really can't stand. There are also types of people that I prefer not to be around. As my father put it best.

"I don't hate (place race description here), I hate everyone."

There are many different types of people in the world. Each race has its own good and evil. I would go through all the different races but I know that would just bring on a whole barrage of useless comments. So what I will do is just list some of the good to evils of white people.

Good - Bad

Caucasian - Wigger, Redneck, Yankee, White Trash, and Trailer Trash.

Of course these are only a few of the different terms and, depending on how you use them, they are good or bad. Just like the most common slang for black people and used most commonly by black people. Nigger.

Watch your back if your a person of any race besides African American and you use the word nigger. You will definitely get a stare down depending on where you are. Then again, black people call each other nigger, or nigga, all the time.

So by now, if your still reading, your wondering what all this really has to do with the Dress Code title and how I'm not racist.

It turns out that the bar is now going to have a slight dress code on the weekends. The typical hip hop gangsta look is a sure fire way not to get into the bar now. These are also the people that we've been having problems with at the bar. They're the ones that like to grab waitresses, carry weapons, and numerous other things that I haven't yet gone into.

I'm not really all in favor of this dress code idea. Number one it's going to cause my job to be a lot more stressful. Second, I hate to think a certain look or style is good enough reason to keep people out of a bar. I can understand it for a club that is trying to promote a look and feel but this is just a bar. Our juke box has metal, rock and rap in it so there isn't a certain feel that we are going for.

There will be name calling that I foresee in the future. There will probably be more confrontations in the future. As with any change in any bar or club this is how it happens. One person will have to start it out and later down the road tell the stories of how it all happened.

I've heard plenty of stories about how the places have changed and people have come and go. Even though this isn't as big of a change as the other stories I've heard it's still a change.

The stories are being written as we all go about our own.

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