Thursday, September 08, 2005

But the bartender is my friend....

Working the door gives you the ability to do favors for friends and employees. The employees know, just as I do, that unless you bring something to the table there aren't any real favors.

If you work somewhere that alot of employees eat at or drink at then you get favors if the favors are returned or even given out to begin with. Just because your friends doesn't mean you always get this favor.

Heres a few common sense 'no brainers'.

If your a girlfriend or boyfriend of an employee then obviously your welcome.

If you hook people up with free or discounted drinks or food on a some what normal basis at another bar or resteraunt. (This doesn't apply to offers. Everyone makes offers, it has to be somewhere employees actually go.)

If you bring something to the table on a normal basis then your good.

This doesn't apply to everything though. Granted if it's a private party your probly not going to get in. This doesn't really apply to the boyfriend or girlfriend though. If your in that situation than your pretty much gold. Then again, if your just a mistress or some person that an employees been screwing around with your not gold.

When your the friend of a friend don't expect any favors. Especially when the cover is really small. And don't just say hi and walk in to make me walk in after you. Your not high and mighty. I could give a shit less if you get bent out of shape because I walked through the club and made you pay the three dollar or five dollar cover in front of your friends. I make people look like asses for a reason. To knock you off your imaginary pedastal. The sad part is when you ask your friends to pay the cover for you because you have no money. That just means your wasting space inside the club becasue your ass is going to be drinking water or trying to get free drinks all night and annoying the bartenders because your not tipping or asking for too many favors.

"Well, I used to get in free all the time."

Times change, just like your clothes. Just because you got in free once or twice doesn't mean you will forever. Maybe your not as important as you were or maybe that person that was getting you in is tired of you. Maybe you didn't return any favors. Who really knows or cares.

Heres a big piece of advice. When your asked to pay the cover don't roll your eyes, smile and walk in. Your asked for a reason not for a joke. Annoy the doormen and you'll be paying to get in even if a favor is asked to let you in.

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