Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"They don't card me in New York..."

"This is rediculous. I forgot my ID at the apartment. They don't card me in New York."

"No ID, no entry. Sorry, go back and get it and it's all good."

"Forget this, let's just go somewhere else. I never get carded back home."

Now that has to be one of the smartest reasons to not carry your ID. I mean if they don't card you back home in New York obviously we shouldn't card you here where no one knows who you are. Then again this kind of reasoning also lands under, "But I drove an hour and a half to see this band. Can't you make one exception?"

Either he really forgot his ID or he's underage and making a big deal out of nothing. Either way it's not my problem. Get your head out of your ass and carry your ID. Especially when traveling you should have your ID. At least the cops like you to if they need to talk to you, or you need to get into a bar.

From what I have been told the midwest is more strict on carding people at bars than the east or west coast. Personally, I wouldn't know. I haven't been to either side since I've been going to bars. Carrying my ID on me is a habit though.

Then out of the mouth of his date.

"I can't believe you don't have your ID. What, you don't get carded anywhere?"

"Not back home."

"Well duh, your not back home stupid. Now we gotta go back to the apartment and...."

Sometimes it's nice to have someone else there to say things for you.

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