Saturday, September 17, 2005

Reverse the charges!!!

So let's see. I pull the chair out from under you, grab you before you hit the ground, walk you to the door, and push you out the door. Yet, you think that your going to come back in and get your whole tab reversed on your credit card?

I really don't think so. In fact, your pretty lucky that you had already closed your tab and already had your card when I threw you out. It's bad enough you pissed off the most laid back bartender in the place by rattling off spanish swear words at him and the party sitting by you at the bar. Then you stand outside rattling off even more at me and constantly try to come back in the bar drawing the attention of four other doormen from other locales that are there for a drink.

Think about it man, you were up against a combined weight of 1000 pounds of doormen that would be happy to stop you from coming back in. Then you have the brilliant idea of telling us to reverse the charges on your tab while including such colorful words and phrases as asshole, your mothers a bitch, cocksucker, and the ever popular piece of shit.

The fourth time you tried to come in I actually had to raise my voice at you and shove you out the door. Didn't the first three times mean anything or did you think everything was cool on the fourth time?

Honestly, the rattling off in spanish didn't bother me. I could pick out certain words and phrases but thats what got the attention of a couple of the other doormen.

"Man, he's calling your mother a bitch and a whore. I wouldn't put up with that shit, you want me to go out there and talk to him?"

"What? Man, your off and you got five minutes till last call. If you want to waste your time on him don't do it for me. Besides, you got a beer on the way and I'm not holding on to it for you."

Then you got another bright idea. Maybe if you stand outside and bang on the window screaming we'd feel better, let you in and reverse the charges on your tab.

With that you got the manager's attention again and the cops were flagged down.

Of course, being the big, strong, tough guy you are, you ran as soon as they pulled up.

I would like to thank you though. You've given me a good story to tell and you gave the cops a good laugh. You almost gave some guys a good reason to let out some steam and you have proven how fast you can move when the cops show up.

Seriously, did you really think that after drinking most of the night, being a total ass to Chucky and some patrons, and insulting some women, that you would get your money back?

I'm sure somewhere your thought of highly and respected. Maybe you should stay there.

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