Thursday, August 25, 2005

Two in the pink, One in the stink.

These last few days have been pretty quiet. The entire neighborhood has kind of went into a lull. Last night at the venue we had a really good show. A greedy fly started up a band and it turned out to be a really good time for everyone that was there.

It was finally one of those nights that I actually enjoyed the performance enough to actually want to sit inside instead of out on the sidewalk all night.

Through the night we seemed to keep having problems with one person though. Normally if there is a problem that person gets ejected. This person was a rep from a fairly big label or distro or whatever. Lets just say that we were asked to be lenient with this person.

Well, after yelling at someone for taking her friends seat, spilling beers, falling off her stool and then tossing a cup of water, I was asked to give her a final warning. The venue was pretty packed with lots of fans and a handful of people that knew who I was looking for. When I walked over to where the rep had been standing the people in that area pointed me in the right direction and then straight to her.

From what I understood the head doorman had already talked to her. Yet, since we were asked to be cool with her he didn't make a big deal out of it and told her she was fine. Her biggest fear was being thrown out since she was the bands rep at the label. I guess her stupid drunken ass wouldn't look good to her higher ups...

I walked through the crowd at the front of the stage and tapped her on the shoulder in between songs. When she looked back she recognized me from the front door and you could see her get flustered.

"You throw one more little tantrum and your out."

"Thats not what your boss says."

"I don't give a fuck what he says, do it again and I'll throw you out! I am my boss!"

She just stood there looking at me and it was almost like she was going to start crying. You know, if you hold such a position then why drink that much when you know your not supposed to? The rest of the night I stood off on the sideline near her location and kept an eye on her. Met a couple cool people and took away a few digi-cams and erased the video files that they were making of the show. I can see it soon that we won't allow phones, pdas, or anything else capable of taking video. We were allowing cameras that night. Although, I still had to tell some people to turn their flashes off. Whats more important? You getting your picture or the artist performing not getting blinded by your flash?

The lady rep seemed to clean her shit up pretty quick. I stuck in that area and watched her and she never screwed up again. I was kind of hoping she would have. It's strange to see how a simple thing of getting thrown out of a bar can effect your job status and responsibilities at your work place.

After the band was all done, people were streaming out of the venue into the street. During this you got to keep an eye on people and make sure they don't try to leave with a bottle or a cup. You can take out a bottle of water but thats all you can take. It doesn't matter if its a cup of ice or a cup of water.

"You can take the water, but you can't take the cup."

"But it's just water..."

"City ordinance, no open containers. If you want to pay the fines, it's only around five grand each."


Then it was time for the band to leave their dressing room and head out to the bus. All the guys in the band were from good bands that have good names. The singer was from a pretty successful band and seems to be in the eyes of many of the people there. So I was asked to stick close just in case there were any 'over active' fans.

He was very cool with everyone and tried not to leave anyone out when it came to autographs and pictures. He was signing shirts, arms, guitars, picks, photos, and just about anything you can think of. He did a ton of photos with everyone and one has stuck in my head.

An attractive little blonde came over and asked for a picture with him. He gladly took the picture and then she asked for one more. This time asking him to stick out his index and middle fingers together and his pinky. The sign for "Two in the pink, one in the stink". He did as she asked and took the picture. Then asked what it was for. The girl laughed and told him and he stood there thinking it over. I really don't think he knew what it meant. Then it clicked and he just kinda smiled and went on.

The autographs and pictures went on for about another hour as he made his way to the bus. Then I was on my way back inside the venue to finish my night.

I wonder how long until that picture hits the internet...

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