Monday, August 15, 2005

Drunk Walk

I never have been a real big drinker. So I guess that might be one reason why I never understand why people want to get into another bar when they're really drunk. Maybe it's just something else to do that night, maybe you just don't want to go home, or maybe you got thrown out of another bar and your trying to get into another. Once your at the point that you have to lean on the wall to stay up, your speech is slurred, and you can't find your ID that is right there maybe you should just go home.

When I'm working at the bar I'm the only real door person there. Granted the bartenders and the local guys are willing to help out at any time but I look at it as a failure on my part if you get in and your that shit faced. There's no reason for any one to have to jump over the bar if I do my part. For this reason I don't drink on the job and I take my job pretty serious. I want everyone in the bar to have a good time and not be bothered with drunken idiots. Even though many inside get that way, I don't want to let in someone like that already.

Many of the regulars want to buy me drinks and shots and occasionally I'll take a shot. This is allowed but I just don't over do it. I like to be in control of myself while I'm supposed to be in control of the house. Control it first so you don't have to forcefully regain control.

So when a possible patron stumbles up to the door and I ask for his ID I'm constantly watching to see just how drunk he is. When he can't find the ID that's on top of the many credit cards in his wallet and he drops his wallet two times it's definitely clear he doesn't need to come in.

Of course to him it's a challenge. It seems that he was just to drunk to understand that I had told him no and to enjoy his night somewhere else. He reached for the door and tried to open it but as I was in the way the door wouldn't open. I suggested to him that he go somewhere and sit and possibly eat something and try back again in a few hours after he had sobered up.

He stood there and stared at me like I was talking in complete gibberish. He tried for the door once more and I simply put my hand into his middle back and slightly pushed him away from it. "Have a good night sir. Come back again tomorrow." To this I got the finger and he walked off.

Now when he showed up at the door the night was early. Probably around 11 or 11:30. The bar wasn't busy but I still won't let you in especially if your that drunk.

Later in the night we got busier and the line formed outside. At this point there were close to 40 people waiting in line and I was right inside the bar past the second door which is about seven or eight feet past the first door. Occasionally I look out to see how it looks and to see how many people are trying to crowd the door so they're the first ones in. When this happens I just have to walk out and clear the area and make it clear that if it doesn't happen they don't get in. This works fairly well until new people walk up.

When I'm standing there I can always tell when someone tries to open the door and sneak in. Either I feel the gust of wind or the noise from outside gets louder or the people in the front of the line are loud enough to notice their bitching. This time it was a mix of the outside noise and someone hitting a wall.

I turned to see what was going on and there was my buddy the shit faced drunk from earlier. Still drunk and still searching for his ID as he walked up. I put my hand on his shoulder, "Man, I told you earlier, you can't come in. Have a good night."
"Dont push me, you wanna push me? You wone like it if you push me..."
"I'm sure I won't. Have a good night. You've had way too much fun to come in here tonight."

Then he hit away my arm and stood there looking at me with a blank drunk stare. It was like he was concentrating just to make an angry face. I then put my hand back on his shoulder and he tried to knock it away again. I then hooked my arm around his and held it tight as I lifted his arm up. I then turned him and started walking to the door. As we got to the door he threw up his other arm and braced himself in the door way. "Ha, thought you had me huh? You fuggin ass, I told you not to pussh me, your not gonna liked it when Imma done wit you." His head bobbed around like one of those bobbleheads you see in car windows.

Now when you say something like that to me I see it as a threat. It doesn't matter to me if your drunk or sober, it's still a threat to me. I never know if you might have a gun or knife or whatever. I may not be all excited about being here but someone is so I take it personally.

I reached over with my free hand and grabbed his other hand that was bracing him in the doorway, I yanked it away from the door and shifted my weight. The thud of him hitting the door grabbed a few peoples attention outside. After the door flew open and I was able to step outside with him I gave him a little shove. He regained what ever amount of composure he had and started to walk back towards my door. "Man, don't. Your not coming in tonight. Go home and sleep it off." He stood there and talked and I ignored him. After a couple minutes he walked off as I checked IDs and let others in.

People in line asked why I didn't just level the guy and get it over with. I'm not here to hurt people. I'm here to solve problems, keep control and to keep everyone happy. Granted, if I really needed to hurt someone I'm pretty positive I could. I just don't see the reason for it unless its needed.

As the night gets busier the manager on duty is usually on the floor helping to keep an eye on everyone. If its not busy he's usually in the basement doing whatever he does.

It's now about forty five minutes before last call and the bar has quieted down. There aren't as many people in as there usually is and the line has completely gone away. People are milling around trying to find their little fun for after hours or trying to find someone to take home. There's a group of three guys and a girl at the bar near me and near them is another group of people. Everything looks calm so I step out to see what the sidewalks are looking like.

As I step into the second door a guy from the first group head butts another man on the back of his head and then puts him in a full nelson and starts walking towards me. He goes past me and walks the man to the door. They start trading words when I walk up and put myself inbetween them in the doorway. I ask what's going on. "Guy here decided to put his tongue down my girls throat." I looked over at the guy on the sidewalk and he didn't say anything but just stood there with a big smile.

Then he walked back up to the door. The guy from the group then asked if the man wanted more. "You want some of this man? I'll gladly come out there and give it to you."

I turned and looked at him, "Ok, either you go back inside or you and your group leave now."
"Ok, man. It's cool, I'll go back in." Another guy from the group came walking up then and started shouting at the man outside. I turned to him and explained that if he wanted he could join the man. He turned back and headed back in. I stood at the door and watched as the man took off on his crotch rocket. The girl from the group walked up and apologized and told me what had happened.

"The guy walked up and tapped me on the shoulder and started telling me I had too much to drink. He had a black shirt on and you have one on so I thought he worked here. Next thing I knew he was holding on to my arms and leaned in towards my face and his tongue was going through my lips. That's when my boyfriend saw everything and told him to leave me alone. The guy acted like he didn't hear him and just stood there looking at me and holding on to me. Then he started going off on my boyfriend."

With the group fairly sober and last call coming in about half an hour I figured they'd be better off just staying. Besides, in my eyes they were in the right and didn't cause a huge scene. It was something I was willing to pass.

Then after talking to her to and taking another look outside I walked back in. Right as I stepped in past the second door the second guy from the group was pointing his finger in another mans face. "You wanna take this outside!?"

I got over in between the two. "What the hells going on now?"

"This guys talking shit. He's buddies with that other guy."

"Alright, that's it. All of you are out of here."

"But we're not starting any shit. This guy came over and started calling us pussies."

"At this point I don't care. All of you are out of here and you can sort this shit outside where it's not my problem."

Then the guy jumped over and hit the man. I threw up my arm and pushed him back. "What the fucks your problem!? Get the fuck out of here." At the same time the girl is trying to tell me that this guy was talking shit to her and her group. I grab the man as he starts to go for the guy. "Lets go man, your out." "What about them?" "They're gonna be right behind you." "Don't let them out until I'm gone."

I take him out and walk back in. The girl comes up and starts to thank me for taking him out. "Don't thank me yet, your next."
"But we didn't do anything."
"I should have thrown you out after the first incident but I gave you the benefit of doubt. This time your all gone and your not my problem anymore."

I look outside and the man is still there. "Hey man, you better get out of here. These guys are coming out now." The man jumped in a cab and took off.

I walked back in and saw one of the bartenders taking an order from one of the group. I flashed my light towards him and gave him the cut off sign. The bartender looked at me and stepped back shaking his head and went on to the next person.

I walked back over to the group and pointed at them. "You, you, you, you, and you. Time to go. The guys gone so now its your turn."

They set their drinks down and headed out the door without any problems.

Ten minutes later the manager on duty walked up. "Hi. You ok?"


"I heard there was a couple fights. Wanna do a shot?"


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