Saturday, August 06, 2005

White Power, Frat Boys, and the occasional Sexual Predator

Granted, the neighborhood I work in is nowhere near as bad as it used to be say six years ago but theres still jag offs around.

Early in the night a gentleman walks in, I card him and he takes his spot at the bar. The night started out just like all of the others with maybe ten to fifteen people in it. The manager walks up and tells me to throw out the "bald ass piece of shit" sitting in the middle of the bar. I never once see the guy do anything or drop anything except for get up and use the bathroom.

I never question what management tells me so I go over and ask the gentleman to leave. He takes a last drink of his mixed cocktail and gets up with no question and leaves. I walk him to the door and close it behind him.

The manager then tells me that this guy walked up to another patron and lets him know that he's a sexual predator, just got out of prison, and commits crimes all the time. Honestly, why would you do that? Is it some kind of badge of honor to let people know your a piece of shit? Are you happy that you spent time in prison for what ever kind of sex crime you did?

When the POS walked out I noticed he had headed over towards a couple of the neighboring clubs. I walked out to the sidewalk and saw him standing with his ID out to go into the next door club. I spotted the door guys with my light and gave them the quick hand across the throat motion. They gave the mans ID back and told him to move on. After a brief discussion, and me waving at the guy when he looked over, he moved on.

One of the guys walked over and I explained to him what was going on. We exchanged handshakes and all was well. Nobody likes people like that in their places. Granted there are people like that out there but if your going to broadcast that shit than you don't need to be out walking around.

Frat boys are probly some of the dumbest drunks around. College kids are no matter what. They're free away from home and on their own. Nobody to answer to at home but always someone to call if the get arrested. They stand in the bar and yell "CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!" to see who can drink the fastest or countdown from ten and yell last call, for no reason.

After asking them to keep it down three times from the bartender the manager tells them their tabs closed until they can calm down. They've already rung up a huge tab on one of daddy's unlimited American Express Cards more than likely at this point. They cool down after about ten minutes and the tab's opened back up for them.

As I stood at the door and watched the crowd one of the bartenders came walking up . "I'll watch your door, go throw out those fuckin' idiots in the trucker hats."

"Walk over to the middle of the bar, you'll see who I'm talking about. They're being fuckin' idiots and starting to pick each other up. We've asked them five times to calm the fuck down."

I walked up and saw the group all with arms around each other in a somewhat little huddle. So I decided to do the same. I threw my arms up on their shoulders and laughed along with them until they noticed me. The smallest one, obviously the funny one, said, "Hey man, I didn't do it," to which they all thought was hiliarious.

"Thats great man. But heres the problem. Your causing problems with my barstaff and annoying the hell out of me with your yelling and chanting. It's time for you to leave."
"But it's not just me."
"I know. Its time for all of you to leave. One by one or all together. And don't forget to sign off on your tab, which is waiting for you at the door."

I hooked my arms under two of the guys and herded them out of the bar like sheep. Something they probly dream about nightly in their cozy little warm beds.

The neighborhood I work in was once pretty well known for its skinhead population. These days its still around but just not as much as it used to be. Working at a bar that has its own roots in the owners and managements beliefs isn't that bad. Unless you come to the bar and have swastikas tattooed on your arms. I don't really pay attention to tattooes on customers since just about every person walking in the door has them. Not counting the employees.

We had a guy in tonite that after being cut off at the bar decided to sit in a booth. The waitress not knowing the guy was cut off served him another beer. Once again I was told to remove someone. I walked over with the barback and he pointed out the guy as "the bald guy with the Nazi tats."

I walked up to the guys booth and as he was just about to drink his beer, I took it and threw it away. He was pretty upset according to his face but he didn't say much.

"Sir, its time to go."
"Juzz le me lig mi rete"
"Sir... its time for you to leave. You've been cut off and you gotta leave the bar."
"Juzz le me lig mi fuggin cigret." He then fumbles with his cigarette.
"Sir, you have to go now." I then grab his cigarettes and proceed to start helping him up out of the booth. He shrugs me off and glares at me. "Wha th fug is your probem man. I juzz wan ta lig my cigret."

It's times like these that I'm glad the local door guys like to hang out at our bar. A couple of them walked over and just stood there to see what was going on. The guy either noticed this or forgot completely what was going on. He stood up and asked for his smokes back. I replied that he'd get them back outside and started walking him to the door.

Once outside he did the normal acts of the outed. Opening the door a little and swearing, flipping me off through the glass door and then finally leaving.

I never really did find out what happened with that guy. I understood he was wasted but it also had something to do with one of our bartenders who I believe is armenian or of some other descent. I heard that the guy was talking some shit about him. I'll find out in a couple days and edit the post just for myself to remember and to shed a little more light on the subject.

All this and I'm going to pick up the busiest night of the week too.

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