Thursday, August 18, 2005

Neighborly fashion.

There are a few nice things about working at two different, but same, locales in a neighborhood. Probably the best is knowing whats going on a both ends of the town. The best type of example I can give for this is people that are banned or people who cause problems.

Basically, if you come into either of my houses and cause me problems, then you might as well forget about coming into the other one. They might be two totally different kinds of places but your still the same asshole. If you get all touchy feely with one of the waitresses at one place, what's to say you won't at the other?

Now granted, you might get banned for life from one but that doesn't mean you will from the other. It just means if I see you within a two week period of the ban, you won't get into the other. Does this make me an asshole? Maybe in your eyes. After all, it seemed like a great idea to you to grab the waitresses ass or spill someones drink or just be an ass. So what you put out there comes back to you.

There are a few examples I could use but the one that sticks to me right now is the guy I spoke of in Rock Star Line II. You weren't improtant at the bar when you tried to get in and your not important enough to hang out after hours at the venue. Not even the bands hang out after hours and they're the ones bringing in the people. You don't have big tits, an attractive body or bring anything to the table and your not a boyfriend or girlfriend of any of the employees, so you can leave just like anyone else.

Instead, you decide that you want to finish your drink first. Not only do you decide to finish your drink, but you decide to leisurely. It's now five minutes until you legally have to be out of the venue. Last call was 25 minutes ago. That's when you should have gotten your first clue that we don't want you there anymore. For some reason it just seems like your trying really hard to impress your friends no matter where you go. Well, I guess its another time to burst your bubble. Of course, I wait for your girl to be standing right by you along with your other guy friend.

"Hey guys. It's time to go, shows over and everyones gone. I need you to put your drinks down and head out this door."

"Oh yea, we're waiting for someone in one of the bands. He said we could wait here."

"Yea, about that. He doesn't work here so it doesn't matter what he says really. If your gonna wait, do it outside."

"Ok, well, I just need to finish my drink and we'll be out." After this it actually looked like the guy smirked at me. Why he would do this, I have no idea. Seems like he's on some kind of one sided power trip that he won't win.

"Yea, about that drink." Simple enough. I grabbed the drink out of his hand and threw it across the room to the bundle of garbage cans. "It doesn't seem like you need to finish it anymore. So, I now need you to exit through those doors and wait for your buddy, who's in the band, outside."

"Well, he said he'd be right out and then..." "That's nice, I'm sure he will be right outside too. So I need you to start moving your feet towards that door."

As I was standing there just basically staring at the group another doorman walked up behind the group. "I think he means now guys. You need to leave now before we get upset."

To this the girl grabbed the guy and started pulling him towards the door.

Now this is twice that this guy has been an annoyance to me in the same week at two different locales. Let's see if he starts to get the picture next time he comes around. When your really a noone don't try to be someone. My nights are long enough babysitting people and keeping others in line and having to explain common thoughts all night. I really don't need someone trying to be cool at the end of the night. Just get your immediate people and leave.

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