Friday, November 04, 2005

Brain drain...

This past Halloween weekend has been quite the week killer. Ever since Tuesday the neighborhood has been pretty quiet. Actually, everything's been pretty quiet since the temperature dropped. The Indian Summer is coming though and that should pick everything up for one last hurrah before winter hits.

So I really don't have much to go on about tonight, or today, however you look at it.

I try not to get too personal with this blog for certain reasons. Legally there are way too many things that could possibly go wrong. Let's say I call Ralph an asshole. Well, Ralph could then sue me for slander. Let's say I say something about a coworker and they end up getting fired. That just wouldn't be right in many ways. If I said something about one of the bands, etc, etc, etc...

So basically, the names have been changed and the bar names or anything aren't real, the situations are.

I do work a couple doors in the Midwest. At one place I'm an under paid babysitter and the other I can be a real asshole at times. I take care of those that take care of me and others that I just don't want to see anything happen to them.

I've been told at times that I'm the man but in a good way. What ever that really means, I'm just being who I am. If it's because I make sure you get into a cab when your so drunk you can barely walk or I just drive you home then I guess it's a good thing. I just think I'm one of the rare lion-hearted breed. At times, I wish I wasn't but that's how I am.

My personal situation is all my own. It's something that is deep rooted and it probably won't be talked about much here. My real life is actually pretty boring. After being at work around drunk people four to six nights a week I usually just stay home or stop over at a friends house. I have a different place that I talk about all that great stuff.

Anyways, I'm starting to get tired enough now that I actually think I'm going to crash. I'll have more posts coming up very soon. Within the next couple days I'm thinking.

Til then, be safe.

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Miss H said...

sometimes the need to avoid drama, and identification is necessary. and at times, things you put into writing really shouldn't be something that you want to be able to come back to haunt you later.