Monday, August 21, 2006

Times, they are a changin...

So talk of a new manager is starting to become more truth than myth. Phil's moving on and heading off in a new direction and so someone has to take his place. The owner has been coming in periodically and checking up on a few things here and there. When he's here it's like a giant kiss ass party.

Yea, I said kiss ass party. When ever he shows up everyone is on their best behaviour and they do exactly what they're supposed to. It really doesn't matter to me, he walks up, I say hello, and he walks in. Then he's out of my hair. Once in a while we'll make small talk and he'll ask me how things are going inside the bar. I usually just tell him that things are good and I wouldn't know if anything was bad.

The good thing about the little talks we have is when something is bothering me. I can tell him straight out and if it's something that needs to be fixed it gets fixed. Certain things have lasted with me from past jobs such as seniority and he feels the same way.

So there's no word just yet as to what's going to happen. It could be a promotion for anyone here or it could be a completely new person all together. I guess I could ask but then I'd know something that everyone else would want to know. I don't really care to have that burden and it's more fun to see people squirm.

Between Ramone and I, we figure there's going to be a few people fired. Most new managers come in and fire a couple people just to make examples out of them.

We got a little pool going to see who's first.

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