Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We normally have meetings. Usually it's about once a month and a whole lot of nothing is ever resolved about any issues we have. People bitch and moan all month long and when they finally have the possibility to say something, they don't say a word. Our meetings are more like funerals.

This one was kind of fun. It was a meeting just to introduce the new manager and the owner was actually there. Some people recognized him from coming in the past couple weeks, others didn't.

So Paulie said his hellos and put his thoughts out on the table. He wants to change a few things and I think that scares some people. Which is always a good thing.

So the next few days he will be sitting in on some shifts and getting the feel for things. Should be pretty interesting to see how people act now that they know he's the incoming manager. Of course, it's the same old shit for me. I have nothing to worry about since I never worry about much.

The pool is still in effect and Stewart is still on the top of the list.

Then over at the club everything is still the same as ever. Nothings really changed there, the politics are still eating away at me though. Sometimes I just can't understand playing favorites when one person is obviously better than another. Then again, I don't have the same kind of addictions as other people.

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