Thursday, December 24, 2009


The time has come to travel on. I realize that posts have become rather few and very far between. I'm not posting this in hopes that it will begin again but to allow a little look into why. The time came to move away from the doorway. As for how long? I don't know. It could only be a short time or a long time.

I was told once to "never do you're job so well that you won't get promoted". Which does kind of go against everything I was taught. I was taught that you should do you're job the best you can so you can move on to a higher position. Yet the first has come to fruition. I became so good in my position that they didn't want to move me from it. So the time came to move myself from the position and hopefully onto better things.

In fact, I am not only moving away from the doorway I'm also changing time zones. Soon I'll be in the Pacific Time Zone. It'll be a nice warm change, not only for me but the blog as well. The blog will be starting to cover more grounds as I do. I'll do my best to keep you posted.

-Be Safe

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