Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Do you remember that old game Telephone that you used to play way back in grade school? You know, the game where the first person whispers something into the next person's ear and so on until it goes around the whole circle. When it reaches it's way back to the first person it's usually something totally different than what they had said. It usually didn't matter how many people were in the circle, be it 4 or 10 people, the phrase was never what it started out to be.

This is a lot like how bad reputations and rumors are formed. One person hears something and then they tell someone but they add their own twist to it. That person tells 2 people, they add their twist to it, and then those 2 people tell more people.

It's interesting to be there when the rumor begins.

Martin is a good guy. He's been working with me for a few years between different spots. Most people see him as being hyperactive and a little boisterous. I see him for who he is. He's one of those guys that will go out of his way for you without you asking. He'd jump in front of a knife or gun for any person that he thinks is worth it.

At times he's a little over the top on certain subjects. However, if he talks about something or does something that you don't like just tell him and he'll stop doing those things.

One night, as Rachael was taking a smoke break, Martin was hanging out front. He was pushing his stomach out, rubbing it and making remarks about how he's only 3 months pregnant. Rachael was looking over and any person looking at her would think she was laughing to herself. If she was, one would think she was laughing to herself about how stupid Martin was acting.

Martin saw her, took a serious face and asked Rachael, "You like my fat belly?"

Rachael then quit smiling and said, "No."

Martin then replied, "Well.. I like yours." He saw the face that Rachael made and walked over to her. They spoke for a minute and then Martin walked away. As he told me later, he had told her that he was just joking around and thought she looked great.

A few minutes later Rachael is sitting between the bartenders (as she always does now) and told them about the situation with Martin. Which went the same as above except for two things.

The first change was what Martin said after she said no. According to her story he said, "Well, I like your fat belly." Which he did not. It might have been implied but it was not said.

The second change was that Rachael left out the entire part about Martin coming up and telling her that he was joking around and that she looked great.

So there's the great Telephone game from the first person. The remarks from the bartenders were normal. They've always thought Martin was a creep. Why? Because some little person that wants to fit in with the cool crowd changes the story so they can fit in.

Pathetic really.

I heard Rachael tell the story to the bartenders and spoke up as I tend to do.

"Did he say that in those exact words?"


"Are you sure? Cause I was standing right there."

"Well, not exactly in those words."

"Yea, I didn't think he said 'I like your fat belly'. I thought he said 'I like yours too'."

"It's the same thing."

"No it's not. Now your just putting extra words in his mouth."

"Well, he implied it."

"But he didn't say it. If that's a sore subject with you then shouldn't you do something about it?" And yes, I am the asshole. I did imply that if she doesn't like her fat belly, she should do something about it.

With that being said all I got in return was boo's from the rest of the peanut gallery.

It's all common sense really. If you don't like something change it. Or at least try to change it.

Don't keep drinking every day and sitting around so that your fat belly can get bigger.

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