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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

100 Posts...

Here it is... number 100... I have very few regular readers but the ones I have check in on a regular basis if not daily. To you I want to say Thank you. If you didn't come back so often I might have just given up on it and did it somewhere else.

As you might have noticed my posts are starting to become a little more regular as I've opened up the topic a little more with time. I've already passed the amount of blogs I did last year and I'm still half way to reaching what I did in the first 6 months.

The entries are becoming a little less powerful as they were in the beginning but such is life. With time everything becomes a little bland. That's why I started opening the blog up a little more with other topics. Not to worry, there are some past events that still need to be posted and I'm sure new things will pop up as they always do. New endeavors will sprout new posts and so on.

I also noticed that it's now been a little over 2 years since I originally created this blog. Looking back at the Welcome post a few things have changed. Mainly work related things including the forced rejections. They have happened and I've spoken of them here. It's not something that I look forward to happening, it's just a part of the job when I'm forced into that situation.

Just to give a reminder to what I hope this blog could show to everyone that reads it.

Not all doormen or bouncers are the stereotypical "idiot". They're not all muscle bound guys that like to show off their strength. They don't all like to fight. Not all of them do this as their main form of employment. Not all of them are "man-whores".

I also hope that people might read this and look at it from the point of view I try to put out there. Maybe someone can read this and look back at something that happened to them and realize why it happened. Doormen are just doing their job. We get paid to make a decision and stand by it. It's easier for some people because that's how we were raised by our fathers and we have the size to stand up. It is the type of job that you have to be ready for. It's not the type of job for any Joe Schmoe to just do. If you can't handle every day conflicts then you can't handle this type of job for a long period of time.

Now that I'm opening up the blog a little more with my personal opinions on certain subjects I hope that it might become a little more accessible to the readers. With this post I'm going to open up the comments so people can post comments. Feel free to post any comments you like. It's open to non-registered users but I have taken the liberty to moderate comments. It's the best option that I think I have at this time. You can also contact me through e-mail and AOL instant messenger. That information is on the right side of the page at all times.

Feel free to send me any questions you have and I'll answer them here.

On the right of the site there's also a subscription box where you can enter your email address and you can get all these updates in your inbox. There's a few people there now and it would be great to see even more. It's a free service and you don't have to sign up for anything more than the delivery.

Also, if you haven't noticed. I have added Google Ads onto the page as well. Feel free to click away on these. Every click helps send me a little money and it doesn't even come out of your pocket. Think of it as "Greasing the doorguy."

Alright, that's all for now. I'm off to work or sleep and I'll post here soon again.

Be safe.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Welcome to my brand new home of cynicisms. I am what many would call a "Bouncer" at a couple different nightclubs in the midwest. Although I would probably go more with the terms babysitter or referee.

I work in two different environments here.

One of them being a 500 capacity music venue and the other being a 100 person capacity bar. Two completely different jobs entirely. I work the frontdoor at both but with different responsibilities.

The venue has a little more of a laid back feel to it, where as the bar is much more strict when it comes to who we let in. This is basically judged on if your already intoxicated, you seem very upset, or if your clothing and looks are just in complete disarray then your not coming in.

The venue really doesn't have much as in a 'guideline' for who we let in or not. There are always exceptions to this but we are a lot easier on it. If you want to pay to get in and then make an ass out of yourself and be tossed out feel free to pay.

When at the venue I work among a group of 3 to 6 people depending on the night and the show. At the bar I work alone with the small safety net that the bartenders, usually 3 at the least, are always willing to jump over the bar to help. This has yet to happen while I have been actually working.

I've been at the bar for close to a year and have had little problems and no forced rejections as of yet. (Knock on wood.) The venue is a totally different breed.