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Monday, March 23, 2009


Even though I haven't been around as much as I like, the blog seems to still be drawing popularity. I've gotten a few comments from people trying to spam the blogosphere. At least one of them was on target with it's subject matter.

My last post was about smoking and how a certain person was constantly mooching cigarettes off of me. So of course, the comment left was about an electronic cigarette. Sadly, I'm not going to publish any comments left behind that have links to personal money making sites. Granted, that's what life is about but give me a cut and I'll cut you in. Or send me the product and I'll review it here for you.

So... Shadd Williams. Get in contact with me, send me your product free of charge and I'll review it.

All the rest of you. You have to take people as idiots if you think you can sell a warranty on a car over 20 years old that has transferred owners over 10 times. Then again.. there are a lot of idiots in this world.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bounty Girls...

Ok, so the other night I was watching tv and I happened upon Court TV. They had a new show on called Bounty Girls Miami. I figured I'd give it a chance because the commercials I'd seen of it made it look interesting. Why not? There are 4 attractive women that go after people who have skipped out on their bail bonds. Basically the new breed of bounty hunters.

I'll be the first to admit that what caught my eye was that they're attractive females. I won't hide that at all. Also that they are attractive females that look like they can dish out some pain. Well, it looked like that in the commercial. Turns out they were in a class or training or something.

There seems to be a recurring theme here...

So I sat through an hour and a half of two 2 hour episodes. Ok... Where should I start...

Things about the show that I just don't like.
  1. It has way too much of an "acting" feel to it. All the scenes in the office seem to be acted and not live.
  2. The girls are way too obsessed with make up and their looks. Perfect example: en route to do surveillance one of the girls is driving down the highway at high speeds while putting on eye liner and no seat belt. The passenger even complains to her on screen about it. Her response, "What? I'm a multi-tasker."
  3. Everything is harder and more dangerous for a woman. I think they said that at least 40 times in the first hour. Look at the profession you decided to enter. Don't complain constantly about how dangerous it is for you because your a woman.
  4. The camera crew is constantly being seen in the shots. Either their running out of the office when the cars pull up or they're in the back seats of the cars when they're out on jobs.
  5. Certain scenes suggest there is "back up".
More things...

The main "boss" character is Jag. She kinda lives up to her name. She's a very strong person and it comes out in her speech and attitude. She seems to be very controlling even with her 20 year old daughter who is a receptionist at the office. She's 20... let her make her own stupid decisions. I understand it's your kid but how else do they learn? Jag constantly complains about the other girls and how she would have done it right the first time. Then just do it.

The other girls are pretty quiet. They sit and listen to Jag's complaints and bicker.

I sat through the first episode thinking that I'd give it a shot and see where it goes. The show didn't do much for me really. The attractive part was good but it's not enough to carry the show. I was hoping for more in the action department or even for the drama level to be taken up a notch but it never happened. Even when they went to attain their first perp it seemed over acted. The guy stopped, turned and put his hands against the wall and Jag almost knocked him over trying to jump and put handcuffs on him.

I started to watch the second episode but lost interest.

One thing I did find a little funny. At the beginning of the second episode Jade was sitting at the table while they talked about their new assignment. Her shirt said "taking applications". I wonder how many fan mails she'll get with resumes. Too bad I hate Florida.

Anyways, this is all just what I thought. If you want to know what more people thought about it check it out on the shows message board.

Bounty Girls Miami Message Board on Court

The show is worth checking out. Based on the first episode I don't think I'll make it part of my routine.

Hate to say it but it could use a little testosterone.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Days off with a Concert in there...

Finally been able to take a few days off from work here and there. I think I really needed it. With any job you always tend to hit that point where you need some time off. I don't think it was due to the stress levels just the fact that standing in a spot for 7 to 8 hours a night and for 5 to 7 nights a week tends to wear on you.

So I went to a concert on one of my nights off. I rarely ever go to shows anymore. After you've worked in a venue long enough it kind of loses its flair. So I go to 2 or 3 shows a year where I really want to see the band.

The second band that played tried to be more of the political awareness types of bands. This one just tries to push their own ideals. If your going to try and change the world then put the facts out there that you know. Don't just tell all these people what they should do. Also, remember, over 50% of the people at your show are under 18 years of age. They're there for the music and the experience, not to listen to you talk and talk between songs. Plus, they're signatures and opinions aren't worth anything constructive. I almost got up and left.

There are some bands out there that do it right. They talk a little but get straight to the point. They have media slide shows going during their set. Best of all, they provide information so you can make your own decision. They don't try to pressure you into something by saying you only like us if you do this. The best example of a band I can think of that does it right is System of a Down. The band I saw, I won't even mention their name.

So having a few days off has been some what nice. I've gotten a few things done that I've been wanting to get done. I've opened up a few other possibilities that weren't there before and I've started working on a back up plan. Just in case I decide to leave this glorious position.

Big holiday weekend coming up, we'll see what might come from it.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I reserve the right....

There are times when I get distracted. I'll admit it. Whether it's a friendly female face talking to me or something's going on inside the bar I get distracted. Enough to the point that the next people in line might have to wait an extra five minutes.

This doesn't mean that when I open the door to check your IDs and let you in that you can elbow people who are walking by you. Especially when that person is my manager.

When it's Phil's night to work he's usually on the floor, behind the bar, or just relaxing. He usually walks outside once in a while to see how the line is and occasionally grabs a couple people and brings them in with him. This time as he was walking in Mr Dress Up decided that whoever was walking up behind him deserved a nice elbow in the gut.

In one solid movement Phil just looked at him, then me and said, "No."

Dress Up went to hand me his ID and I said I didn't need it. So he started to step towards the door.

"I don't need it because your not coming in."


"I said, I don't need your ID because your not coming in."

"Why the fuck not? You gonna tell me I've been standing here for twenty minutes and now I can't come in?"

"Pretty much. I'll take whoever's next in line."

The next guy hands me his ID and tells me it's just him and his two brothers. One of which is the guy that's not coming in.

"I'll let you in but he's not coming in."

Dress Up- "Man, this is bullshit, tell me why not."

"You've been opening the door and creeping people out and your elbowing people. Sad part is you haven't even been inside yet and your not going to be inside. Have a good night."

"I haven't elbowed anyone. Tell me the reason."

"I just saw you elbow the guy that just walked in. So did my manager and he told me no. I don't need a reason when my manager tells me no."

"Bullshit, tell me the real reason."

"I just gave it to you. Plus, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime and you are that anyone and this is your time."

"This is bullshit, whats your name man?"


"Whats your last name?"


"How bout you give me your real name so I can report you?"

Phil, still standing in the doorway near me, says, "Hey buddy, you wanna report him? I'm the manager, you can report him. But he's doing his job so how bout you leave."

"Man, fuck you guys. I'm fuckin outta here, your gonna get a terrible reference from me."

Shit. Another bad reference. We might actually have to close our doors on that one.