Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Slow Posting...

Posting has become a slow thing lately. I've been a little busy as of late due in part from schedule changes and picking up some freelance work here and there.

Anyone that is reading this and does know me, knows that I've had many different jobs. At times I can actually do some decent stuff. I repeat... at times.

People change with time. About 10 years ago I already had about 15 different jobs under my belt. Varying from management positions to heavy labor jobs and working with computers to a plain ole shovel. I tend to take things a little more seriously now and that causes the thought process to work over time.

A major occurrence in my life, pertaining to a significant other, has brought me to where I am now. Although that period is over, I'm not disappointed in the outcome. It's given me plenty of new experiences and it has helped me to find a part of me that I either lost or never had to begin with.

Hopefully, with a few things settling down I'll be able to keep the posting going with some what of a regular session. I just don't want to catch myself constantly posting the same things over and over. So I'll try to bring out a few new things here and there and some other off topic wonders that might entertain you.

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Miss H said...

i understand the vagueness and such...and i think i get what you are hinting at. it is that sort of change in life that lead me to move 4 states away from where i grew up and 5 away from where i went to school. it is that sort of modification in your life and social structure that causes a moment of pause and the need to just revamp what is going on on your world.

best of luck with it.