Friday, February 10, 2006

Comfort Zone...

People tend to get a comfort zone after inhabiting certain locales. They don't understand that some things are a privilege. Cutting the line, discounted drinks here and there, and getting to hang out once in a while after closing to finish up.

Then when there's a problem I usually listen to their side of the story. If they're not the types to cause any problems their side gets more merit than the other.

Some of these people have been pushing their limits lately. One regular came up to the front door and in his hands was another guy. Jake had a hold of this guys arms and was walking him out. He shoved him through the door and told me that he can't come back in.

I stood there looking at him confused. "What's going on?"

"That guy can't come back in!"

"What the hell happened?"

"He kept buggin me an my old lady."


"And.. I told him if he kept doin it he was gonna have to leave."

"Ok, number one... Who the hell are you to throw someone out?"

"Man, I've been coming here for years so if I...."

"Wait, ok? I don't care if you've been coming here since you were born. You don't throw anyone out. Your a customer. That's all you are. If someone's giving you problems then you need to ask someone to have him removed."

"All the bartenders were busy and.."

"Don't care. You think just because you come in here a lot means you can do this shit? Your nothing more than a customer like that guy. How bout if I just start throwing out everyone that annoys me."

"You should man, it's your job to keep the idiots out."

"Ok. Got your coat? Your leaving."

"What! What the fuck did I do?"

"You just threw out a paying customer and your trying to tell me how to do my job. Your annoying me. So by your standards you should leave."

"Man, fuck this. You got some double standards you know."

"Nope, I'm just gonna get rid of the people that annoy me. I'll let the waitress know to tell your "old lady" that you won't be coming back."

"Fuck you man."

Jake stormed out and shot his little glares at me through the door while he waited for his girl outside.

I don't mind regulars coming up and letting me know about certain people. It's nice having that extra set of eyes. The ones that do know that it's an employees call over all that will get someone tossed. They know that it's not their position to try and take someone out.

Then there are the ones that think they can do what ever they want. Over the past couple weeks I've slowly cut them down. I've made them wait in line, I haven't let them hang out to finish their drinks and I've tossed them for being more idiotic than usual. I've slowly taken away that King status that they thought they had and knocked them back down to paupers.

When your at a bar that you frequent that much then you should know who you are there. If you don't work there, or your not a good friend of someone that does, then your only as important as the next person.

I hate to quote a wrestler but....

"Know your role."

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