Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The weather's changing. The days seem to be getting a little longer and the people are getting stupid again.

When the weathers really nice out or really crappy, you can count on the people being stupid. I don't know why people get that way but they do.

Maybe when it's really crappy out they want to get really drunk to forget their blues. When it's really nice out they want to celebrate. No one really knows except for them. I could sit here and speculate on it all for hours but that'd probly annoy you and it'd waste a lot of time.

This time of year is usually the Changing of the Bums too.

Changing of the Bums is pretty simple. The bums that were around last summer and this past winter that got on everyones nerves head off for a new area. Like clockwork, new ones take their place. It's almost like a giant system of placement. Maybe they have a union or a newsletter that no one knows about. Kinda like the markings hobos used to use to tell if a town was friendly.

Hobos and bums are basically the same. Ones in the city and ones on the road. So I'm sure they have some kind of thing going on.

"Yea man, if you act all crazy up there by Joshua's Dog stand you'll get more cash than if you sing. But if you go downtown an bring along a dog you'll get even more. dem people down there fall for the lost puppy bit..."

I actually grew up in an area where the hobos left signs up on the railroad tracks. I don't think there were ever any around when I was a kid though.

So with new bums comes the ever lasting circle of telling them to take off. Some run off quick, some walk to the edge of the property, some try to talk to you as to why they're there to begin with, and some just act like they're deaf.

The ones that act deaf are kinda funny. When they start to walk off I drop a few coins on the ground to see if they hear it. 90% of the time they do and turn around looking at me. They grab the coins and walk away.

Most of the guys can be easily swayed to stay away. I'll give them a couple smokes or a buck or two and they keep their distance. I don't do that with all of them but there is one or two that I'll help out occasionally. Those are the guys that are in the neighborhood all the time. It's always nice to have an extra set of eyes and ears in the neighborhood.

Some of these guys have a pretty good racket going on. They can find just about anything you might want. Of course, what ever it is it's never up to par. There's usually something wrong with it but they try and you gotta give that to them.

One of the guys even offers to watch peoples cars for a dollar. He'll watch your car and make sure no one messes with it. Most people give him the dollar just because they think he would do something to it if they don't. I think that ones pretty funny. The guys not going to do anything for the simple reason you could finger him if something did happen. That's a good racket.

So with changes come the same old problems. Just new characters.

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