Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've tried to keep up with this blog but I've not been doing a good job. There are still many that come here on a daily basis to see if there are updates. I've even received a few emails about this.

Over the years I've tried to make it a priority over other things but that's not working very well. Life has a way of being more demanding than we'd all like. So I'm opening it up to more interesting things and I'm not going to try and keep it focused on the main subject of the work that I do.

I'll be intertwining it with popular subjects and posting my thoughts. That's what this whole thing was based on from the beginning and if you can't change with your thoughts then you can't change at all. Maybe more things will come to light.

So as the nation banked on Change, so will I. More posts on the way.

Be safe.

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