Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Soothsaying from a Sayer of Sooth...

The big election night was last night. It was an event that gripped the nation. It was one of the biggest events this nation has seen in decades. No matter the outcome it was going to make history either by voting in our first African American President or our first female Vice President.

But I have to say, it bothers me to say African American just as much as it would to say Irish American. If a person is born here in the United States I'm much more comfortable just saying American. After all, is a person less or more of a person just due to their lineage? I don't think so.

It's not very often that the establishment that I work in turns off the music and turns up the television. The whole place was so quiet that people looked over when someone ordered a drink, as if their quiet voiced order would take away from the experience. It was also strange to hear the customers chant along with the "Yes we can" during Obama's acceptance speech.

I have to say, the speech that Obama gave was very good. It covered all the aspects that it possibly could. It drew from Martin Luther King JR and Abraham Lincoln. It drew from the people that started it all with their $5 donations all the way through the entire process to the people that were the most important during the entire campaign. It even went so far as to cover his ass when things might not go the way they're wanted to go in the next 4 years. It was a speech that kept you interested and kept you listening.

In January the new Camelot begins. The White House will have it's first young children since JFK. Along with them will also be the new puppy that their father promised them during his acceptance speech. Which, even I have to admit, brought a smile to my face.

A big part of me is pretty cynical. I tend to look at things through a different gaze then most. I look at a lot of things in a bad light. Maybe that's from the years of work that I've done where I have to expect the unexpected. Maybe it's from looking at people as they walk up to the door and in less than a minute I need to decide if that person is going to be a problem. That's right, I have to make a judgment call on every person that walks up to the door. I have to decide if I think that person might start a fight or be too intoxicated to even come in.

Granted, this has nothing to do with intoxication or an anger assessment. After you do this type of work it just sticks with you and your every day life.

Now onto the conspiracy part. A conspiracy is known to be an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot. I wouldn't say that this conspiracy is necessarily an evil or treacherous thing. In fact, I think this nation needed a jump start. I think it needed a person of darker skin to take the reigns in order to let a few things come to an even playing field. Not to say that it's not close to that now but nothing is perfect.

I do believe there were no problems with this election. I noticed that all the votes were in much faster than ever I remember before. You could say that's due to the early voting but I could say that would be a good cover up.

I don't believe it was a landslide victory. I just believe that all the right states were reported at the right times in order to make it seem like it was. A stronger reason to make the public believe that they wanted this very badly. This done in hopes that it might help to stifle the thoughts of the weaker minded racist faction.

Part of me believes that the Republicans went with McCain and Palin because they knew the outcome. McCain is older and not so healthy. Palin's thinking is completely backwards. Her views on abortion, classroom sex education and book banning were all very backwards and old. Let's face it, a large portion of the public thought they had a lower mentality. Which could sum up to be an easier win for the good guys.

So in a way, a person could believe that this was all put together to try and make the people believe that they've taken back their government. When in reality, we have a new President but how many of the lawmakers in the rest of the government will go along with their ideals?

Now what if Obama hadn't won? If he had lost, would it have pushed the nation farther back into a racist state? Would there have been riots? I think all of that would have happened. In fact, I heard from a reliable source that there were McCain supporters that were beaten down just for voting for McCain. Which is asinine. I'd even venture to say that the people involved didn't even vote.

Would there have been another civil war? I doubt it but I do believe there would have been many riots and even more talks about how racist America is. Yet, after electing Obama it opens the door to many other nationalities to run for the Presidency. It allows the country to be more open to newer views.

So overall, if this was a giant conspiracy to make the nation more open, to make the people believe they regained control, or even to try and hide the mistakes from the last three Presidents; then maybe it was a good thing.

Next on the agenda? Maybe revoke NAFTA so we can get our jobs back and our nation's strength. Maybe a health system that can benefit people, like myself, that work 40 hours or more a week but can't get insurance through our work. Maybe more thought into solutions that will last decades or centuries rather than quick and inefficient.

Dreams can become reality. Yes, they can.

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