Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year...

Well, it's 2009.

Let's see what this year brings us. 2008 wasn't a bad year but I don't tend to label years. At a certain point I've kind of lost track of time. It's like everything has just melted together. Things that I thought happened last summer actually happened a couple years ago. It's a good sign that I need something new to mix things up and make me pay more attention to the happenings of the world.

2008 has been a year for changes personally. It seems that roommates are hard to find and keep. I had two different ones this past year. Which has meant that I've had to work a lot more to keep up with things financially during the missing roommate time in between. Not to mention the price of everything has gone up a lot within the last year.

New Year's Eve was a typical New Year's Eve at work. Lots of amateurs were out and about. The night went fairly well other than all the stupid questions. "Can I take my drink outside?", "Can I smoke inside?", and "I swear it's me." Not to mention all the people just trying to walk out with drinks because they were in plastic cups, "Oh, I forgot, I was thinking it was just water."

The most irritating was a Polish male that didn't have his id. He was mildly entertaining with his little sparkly party hat that had antennas. One antenna had 20 on it and the other had 09."In Poland you don't need id to drink." At least, it was entertaining until one of the antennas poked me in the eye. He quickly made an exit with a little help.

So New Year's Eve wasn't much different than a Saturday night. It did screw up the internal clock of a few of us by having such a busy night in the middle of the week. I know it made me get my days mixed up.

Also, how weird is it now to be looking for 1988 on id's?

This job's making me feel old in many ways.


iamtydemoo said...

You've given away a secret! Apparently you work at an over 21 Venue... myself, i'm looking for 1991 on ID's... now THAT is scary!

Mike Drman said...

I never really considered it a secret but I guess I never went into detail about it. All the places I work or fill in at are 21 and over.

iamtydemoo said...

I realise that you're in the States and the law is 21, I think? While over the pond its 18.. My mistake.

Mike Drman said...

21 is the legal drinking age here in the States. However, there are concert venues that have all ages shows. Which means people of all ages can go to the show but only those 21 and older can drink.

There used to be some states that had 18 as their age limit. Of course the Federal Government had to get involved and gave us the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1984.

This act basically told each state that if their minimum age had to be 21. If the state didn't enforce it they would get less funding for certain things.

I'm sure the act helped with reducing drunk driving accidents and accidental pregnancies. LoL

iamtydemoo said...

I remember at one point there was a consideration of changing the drinking age to 21 over here, but considering most of the drunk driving and accidentally pregnancies seems to occur in minors anyway, it would be completetly pointless.