Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late Night Rendezvous...

"So what are you doing after you leave here?"

"Probly heading home."

"You should stop over." She smiled and gave me a little wink from the bright blue eyes that were hiding behind her mop of a haircut. Sally had become a bit of a regular as of late and I've kept the weirdos away from her on a number of times.

"Having a little get together?"

"No, just a couple of people. We'll probably just be sitting around watching movies."

"We'll see, I'm not sure when I'll get out of here."

"Here, take my number. Call me when your leaving and I'll let you know where I am." She smiled and I took her number. Then she walked out with a little over the shoulder smile and a coy wave.

45 minutes later I was done with the things I needed to do. I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to call her. Next sound I heard was Sally's voice on the other end of the line. It sounded triumphant and happy. "So, your gonna come over?"

"Yea, why not. I'll be up late anyways."

"Cool, we'll my address is _______________. It's right over by that old little mom an pop grocery store."

"Ok, I'll be over in a little bit. Lot of people show up?"

"Nah, just my two friends and a couple guys that I don't even know."

25 minutes later I'm knocking on her door. She answers still in the same clothes she had on before. Of course she is, what should she have changed into? We said our hellos, hugged and I walked in.

The apartment was a really nice spot. It had an old building feel and a new building look. In the kitchen stood the two guys that she didn't know. Both in their mid to late 30's and neither of them looked like the could even try to be trouble or their corporate mid level jobs would get rid of them.

We both walk into the kitchen and I introduce myself to the two guys. One recognizes me and the other goes on about how I had thrown him out a year prior. He laughed about the story and I stood there. I remember him after he told the story. I remember even more, how annoying he was.

As I stood there talking to the guys Sally walked off to the bathroom. I could hear her talking to her friends. I could also hear another noise. I sniffing type of noise. Someone was either sick or party favors were being distributed.

"I don't think he'll be interested."

"You never know until you ask."

"I'm not asking him."

About that time a short little portly girl came walking out to the kitchen. As she came walking out she motioned to the bathroom and said, "Party's ready boys." She stopped, wiped her nose and looked at me. "Interested?"

I looked at her and with a blank face simply said, "Not at all."

As the guys walked towards the bathroom I could hear the sniffing continue and Sally walked out. Her hand was coming down from her face and she walked over to me and pushed her friend to the side. "Sorry about her, she's a little different." They giggled and play fought a little.

Sally reached over and grabbed my hand, "So what are you doing?" She looked at me with wide eyes and a grin.

"I was just thinking that I should be going."

With that I grabbed my stuff and started out the door.


Anonymous said...

*nod* I would've done the same.

Anonymous said...


so tonight i was at a bar by the house for a few minutes for a couple drinks after dinner... on my way out some guy was talking about how he locked his keys in the car and couldn't get in after he tried with a slim jim... so me, having locked my keys in a million times before offered up my expert help, i also noticed how drunk he was & figured he didn't know what he ws doing... anyway, after i used a coat hanger to unlock his car he says to me "oh my god, you're the most awesome chick ever... i've got a line for you to show my gratitude." i looked at him, with my "what? oh my gawd are you serious?" look and told him to have a good night & left...

some people are just too cool and awesome for me to hang with :)

Miss H said...

so, I love reading your stuff, because you are so honest. This one really gets me though...I am astonished that a chick who doesn't know you would be so quick to assume that you would be ok with that sort of "party"

I somehow had the delusional idea that those people were just on bad tv programs.

good luck with it.

Mike Drman said...

~K - If he was that drunk you should have turned your head and walked away. He shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car.

Miss H - Thank you. It's funny the amount of people that just assume because you work in a bar or club atmosphere that you like to "party". Gets on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

Nah, he wasn't driving. the car was sitting in the lot for 2 nights & he didn't want to break a window. ~K